Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients Think More Clearly And Manage Pain, Study Using Cannabis From Dispensaries Finds

Source: Consistent marijuana use is associated with improved cognition and reduced pain among cancer patients and people receiving chemotherapy, according to a new study. While cannabis produces intoxicating effects, and that initial “high” can temporarily impair cognition, patients who used marijuana products from state-licensed dispensaries over two weeks actually… Read the rest on

Teen Marijuana Use Has Been Declining Since Legal Dispensaries Started Opening, Federal CDC Study Shows

Source: Even as more states have moved to legalize marijuana, rates of current and lifetime cannabis use among high school students have continued to drop, newly released federal data shows. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), published last week, found that teen use of all monitored substances—including… Read More »

Washington Governor Signs Interstate Marijuana Commerce Bill Into Law

Source: The governor of Washington State has signed a bill to allow interstate marijuana commerce, pending a federal policy change. The legislation from Sen. Ann Rivers (R) cleared the legislature last month, and Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed it into law on Thursday… Read the rest on

Pennsylvania Lawmakers File Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Through State-Run Stores

Source: Pennsylvania lawmakers have filed new bills to legalize marijuana sales through state-run stores and to provide permits for farmers and small agriculture businesses to cultivate cannabis once adult-use sales are allowed. About two months after circulating a cosponsorship memo for the legalization proposal, Rep. David Delloso (D) formally introduced the legislation… Read the… Read More »

Montana Governor Vetoes Bill To Reallocate Marijuana Tax Revenue

Source: The Montana Legislature adjourned the 2023 session on Tuesday—the 87th day of the session—finishing up the budget and signing off on millions of dollars’ worth of major infrastructure, pension and other spending projects. The session involved lofty goals from a Republican supermajority, a surplus that topped $2 billion, a series of… Read the… Read More »

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