Encore Berry Burst Indica Gummies 100mg

Strain: Encore Berry Burst Indica Gummies 100mg

Producer: Verano -- Encore

Contributor: Benjamin Knope



The gummies are hexagonally shaped and are burgundy in color 100%
Strawberry and raspberry 100%
Sweet / Sour taste 80%
Slight body buzz and a boost in mood 80%

Encore Berry Burst Indica Gummies
Encore is part of the Verano line of products. They focus on creating artisanal edibles that not only pack a punch in terms of flavor, but also in effect. Each Encore edible is non-GMO, pesticide-free, and lab tested to ensure quality and purity. The Berry Burst Indica Gummies are made with fruit pectin and cannabis Indica, designed to provide the user with relief from pain and anxiety.

Appearance 5/5
All of the Encore edibles are packaged in black plastic containers with twist-off lids for preserving freshness. Strain and testing information, as well as nutrition facts, are all printed on the back of the container. The gummies are hexagonally shaped and are burgundy in color. They’re all dusted equally with a sugary coating. Everything looks good, and the gummies look and feel very fresh.

Aroma 5/5
These gummies gave off a strong aroma from the moment I took off the cap. The aroma was overly sweet, but nothing that I wouldn’t expect a delicious candy to smell like. Strong scents of strawberry and raspberry. I got the slightest hint of funky cannabis smell from these candies, but nothing overwhelming, or unpleasant.

Taste 4/5
Mixed berry is a pretty general flavor that’s typically a blend of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry tastes. As I enjoyed these gummies, I first got the sweet/sour taste from the sugary coating on the gummies, then as I bit into them, I noticed the mixed berry taste, which is pretty much dominated by raspberry flavor. These gummies taste great, and without any flavor of cannabis; it would be hard to tell that these weren’t just normal candies.

Effect 4/5
I ate three of these gummies in the evening, and it took about two hours for me to notice the gummies starting to kick in. Effects started with a slight body buzz and a boost in mood, but in a short while I was feeling extremely tired. Then I started feeling the strong effects of this Indica. It was almost as if a switch had been flipped telling me that I was ready for sleep right now, and I was able to ease into a seriously deep sleep. I felt no weird side effects when I woke up the next morning – I was completely refreshed and ready to start the day.

I would definitely recommend this product to experienced cannabis users, especially those who love the soothing properties of a strong Indica. New users would also probably enjoy this product, but due to its sedating effects, it might not be appreciated if the gummies are taken at the wrong time. I’d only recommend this for nighttime use. I’m not sure it would have such a sedating effect on everyone, but as someone who has a lot of insomnia issues, I appreciated the fact that this product was able to give me a perfect night of sleep.
Many cannabis users see edibles as kind of hit or miss – it’s hard to know exactly what to expect when trying one for the first time. Encore’s Berry Burst Indica Gummies are definitely a hit for me, providing waves of pleasant relaxation followed by a great night of sleep. These will be my go-to gummies if I know that I’m going to have trouble getting to sleep.

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How much sugar in each gummy Question.

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November 7, 2022

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Love them.

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