Essential Tips to Enhance Vaping | Restoring the Lost Zing

Contributor: MELL GREEN

Gotten wearied of the same old puffing techniques? Does the flavor not feel exciting anymore? If yes, then you have lost the spark to vaping and you have grown too accustomed to the conventional methods. Sounds familiar, right? To re-ignite that enthusiasm, restore the zing, and reinstate elation, you should pay heed to the all-inclusive compilation of interesting vaping tips we have put together here. By the end of this article, you will be able to eliminate the underwhelming feelings, replacing them with new excitement. So, read on and make the most out of your vaporizers.

1) Experiment with Flavors
Nobody likes change, but too much of something isn’t healthy either. When you vape the same e-juice repeatedly for a considerably long time, your taste buds get used to the sensation, and the buzz diminishes eventually. No wonder you are bored of your vaporizer.

Just like most amateurs, you probably choose conventional fruity flavors every time. You would be stunned to find out the diversity of e-liquids in the market. Form the common ones like mint, strawberry, watermelon, to the most bizarre flavors such as garlic, roast chicken, and bacon, the industry is saturated with options. So, don’t hesitate from exploring a new palate for your tastebuds.
The following are some stunning flavors you can find out there:

  • Gummi Bear
  • Pink Spot
  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Blue Raz Cotton Candy
  • Frozen Lime Drop
  • Black Mamba

2) Work on Your Techniques
It’s no secret that it all comes down to the vaping techniques. No matter how fancy your equipment, if you are drawing the vapors inaccurately, you cannot enjoy the ultimate experience. But it isn’t rocket science, and anybody can learn the proper technique in a blink of an eye. To learn an effective technique that suits your style, we have compiled a few tips:

  • Always dray slowly and keep inhaling up to 5 seconds continuously.
  • Try sucking the vapors from the side of your mouth.
  • Longer inhales are best when you have strong cartridges and multiple short ones work for a weaker cartridge.
  • Play at the highest heat settings or experiment to find out the most suitable one.

Don’t panic if you don’t get it the first time. It takes practice for most beginners to get the hang of it. Just keep working on the techniques, and eventually, you will be a master of vaping.

3) Invest in Quality Vape Devices
Neither the e-juice nor will the technique make any difference if your vaporizer isn’t up to the standards. How flavorful the vapors depend entirely on how well the equipment extracts the potency from the plant. The substandard ones are known to exude a burnt flavor that spoils the fun. Only a high-quality vaporizer embedded with high-quality components will give out the best possible flavor.

However, you don’t have to invest hugely for a good vape device — as per the online vape sites, one can even enjoy quality vaping for under $50. Visit the platforms to witness a myriad of interesting vape technology under one roof.

4) Strop the Intermixing of Flavors
When you skip tank and coil cleaning, an unpleasant concoction forms, which gives off a strange blend of flavors. That is why it is essential that you clean the tank as well as the coils right before changing the flavors. Not to forget, sometimes the flavors blend well and formulate a mouth-watering mix — the chances of which are incredibly low. However, most of the time the blend isn’t what you will admire, and it tastes absurd. So, it is best that you should clean the gadget often.

5) Get High-Quality E-Liquids
Agreeably, vaping is all about the taste. And you cannot expect to buy an inferior quality e-liquid and hope for an ultimate experience — it doesn’t work like that. Even if you own a high-end vape device, without quality-juice, it wouldn’t be worth it.

For instance, if you load thin vape liquid into a quality vaporizer, the result will still be underwhelming. To enjoy at maximum, make sure you purchase a quality e-liquid, which is rich in flavor and potency. It may cost more than cheap products, but you will be able to enjoy your favorite flavor.

6) Stay Away from Plastic Vape Tanks
Even though they are an economical option, plastic tanks aren’t suitable for vaping. The material isn’t strong enough to withstand the harshness of acidic e-liquids. As a result, the material may wear out and start to leak. You will not only lose precious e-juice but also experience a weird taste.

It surfaces when plastic melts because of acidity and messes up the purity of the e-juice. For this reason, we highly recommend glass tanks for the task. That is because the material isn’t prone to deformity nor vulnerable against low pH.

7) Buy a high-quality weed grinder

Grinders play an important role in enhancing the vaping experience. Traditional method of preparing the weed powder using pestle and mortar was so difficult. It took too long for people to prepare the homogeneous powder, besides this, leaves also lose its potency and do not give the desired results. Nowadays with the advancement in technology, there are a lot of weed grinders available in the market.

Every brand has introduced their own grinders with distinct qualities. Every grinder is unique in its features and prices. You can select the best one out of all. There are one, two, and three compartment grinders available in the market. If you want to enjoy the keif, three compartment grinders are best for you. Many other types of grinders like, glass, acrylic, wooden and metal grinders available online and in the market. If you want to buy the best metal weed grinder, you can go to the market and can also search several online stores.

8) Replace the Battery If Needed
Since the device runs on a single power source, the performance relies on the battery efficiency — the better it will perform, the better will be the vapor quality. Plus, with a strong battery, you can experiment with a range of heat settings to find a suitable match with your mood. Nothing exhilarate a gloomy vaper more than intense hit of his favorite flavor notes.

However, after a certain while, the battery will start to scream for replacement. In this case, the device may work, but the efficiency and quality may reduce drastically. The best way to restore quality is to replace the power source with a fresh one.

9) Understand the PG/VG Ratio
Most of us, being unaware of its significance, overlook of the PG/VG ratio, which determines the volume and thickness of the vape clouds — the higher the VG content the thicker and richer will be the clouds. On the other hand, vapers who prefer intense hits in the throat should seek low VG content.

For those suffering from persistent allergies, the higher PG/VG ratio is considered safe. The flavor on the higher end is much sweeter and doesn’t hit you in the throat. Therefore, you should understand the ratio and choose what suits your general mood.

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