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Joos Forbidden Fruit 2:1 Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: Joos Forbidden Fruit 2:1 Disposable Pen 300mg

Producer: Nature’s Grace and Wellness - Joos

Contributor: David DuBois



The pen is made well and the metal tip 100%
I enjoyed the smooth, mellow aroma of this pen 100%
Forbidden Fruit is one of the best-tasting vapes 100%
CBD helped my body feel relaxed as well 80%

Joos Forbidden Fruit 2:1 Disposable Pen

The Joos line of disposable pens are made by Nature’s Grace and Wellness, a medicinal cannabis cultivator based in downstate Illinois. One thing that makes these pens a little different from competitors’ pens is that all Joos products are rechargeable. It’s frustrating to have a pen die before all the product has been consumed, but with Joos pens I never have to worry about that. The Forbidden Fruit strain is a cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie. Joos’ 300mg disposable contains 58.83% CBD and 30.15% THC for a 2:1 ratio.

Appearance 5/5
Joos packaging is a little bit uninspiring, but I give them high marks for always filling their pens completely full. Headspace can be a little bit of a controversial topic, but in my opinion when a pen is only halfway full it’s a pretty bad look. I’ve never had that problem with Joos disposables and Forbidden Fruit was no different. The pen is made well and the metal tip, along with its overall weightiness, gives the impression that this is a quality product.

Aroma 5/5
I enjoyed the smooth, mellow aroma of this pen. When I opened the package, I could smell a nice blend of cannabis and fruit. Joos pens don’t produce a thick vapor so this would be a good candidate for stealth vaping. Overall a very pleasant, appetizing aroma.

Taste 5/5
Forbidden Fruit is one of the best-tasting vapes I’ve had the pleasure to try. I like vapes to be a little on the sweet side without being too overpowering. This pen has the perfect blend of flavors, as the taste of cannabis moderates the flavors of the fruit. I got a mix of fruit tastes dominated by citrus with a little hint of cherry. It had a flavor that reminded me a lot of a traditional Mai Tai. In terms of taste, this is one of the best.

Effect 4/5
I’m used to pens that have a high THC (80%+) and very low CBD so this was a nice change. The low THC provides a smooth, easy high – I felt my mood improve and the CBD helped my body feel relaxed as well. This will be my go-to pen if I need some instant relief from stress, or if I just need a little extra help getting my mind and body settled before I head to bed. The only reason I’m taking away a star is because this pen made me a little bit dizzy – this isn’t a problem if I’m enjoying the pen before bed but using it during the day would be a bit of a different story.

Product price: $50 including tax



I would highly recommend this pen to any user who’s looking for a quality vape that provides a variety of benefits. For users who are hoping for a heavy-hitting THC high, this may not be the right pen, but for users looking for relief from conditions like chronic pain or anxiety this would be an excellent option. Due to this pen’s high CBD content, I’d especially recommend Forbidden Fruit to users who are in need of relief from chronic pain.

Joos’ Forbidden Fruit is a delicious disposable that is an ideal option for a variety of medicinal uses. I’m glad I was able to pick this up at NuEra – it’s a product that I hadn’t seen before, and I’m happy that I got to give it a try. I’ll be looking forward to trying more of the Joos line soon – in terms of flavor and effect they’re some of the best products in the Illinois cannabis market.

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