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The word, itself, is synonymous with “cool” and “cannabis.” Which is why it only feels right to use such a term when attempting to encapsulate the essence of this modern, visually-pleasing, uber-artistic, one-of-a-kind dispensary in Chicago affectionately known as, Mission South Shore. 

This place delivers a truly unique cannabis shopping experience that is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I think it’s safe to say that most (if not all) dispensaries will start to mimic various successful aspects of this cannabis club, and their approach towards design.

No wonder this establishment is called, “Mission.” It’s obvious that their sole purpose is to provide the great people of Chicago with top-notch bud and a supremely-satisfying shopping experience. And I firmly believe that they’ve been able to do just that – and so much more

Even with the faintest amount of doubt lingering in my subconscious, I decided to visit their official website to see if I could, well, see Mission’s “Mission Statement,” so to speak. And, what I found under their “About” section was equal parts inspiring and admirable.

To be specific, in a self-written blurb about their personal approach towards cannabis, their dispensary, and the cannabis industry, in general, they said, “We think of Mission as a different kind of dispensary, not just filling orders, but fulfilling your needs as an individual. If you’re new to the world of marijuana, or just the rules of recreational use, we know it can be intimidating: with different regulations in different states. So many options for the types of cannabis and the ways you can consume it. Maybe even a little nervousness at trying it. We get it: that’s a lot of unknowns.”

They continued onward with their compassionate statement to their potential cannabis consumers, by adding, “So we’re here to help you through the process, from how to register, to what to expect when you step through our doors. We’ll explain your choices, so you can create an experience that best fits you and your life. And we’ll give you a comfortable, no-judgements space to come and connect with others like you. That’s our Mission.”

Needless to say, this place won me over pretty much instantly. So, in a matter of minutes, I got ready, and headed toward Mission South Shore for some much-needed herb. And, boy, am I happy I did.

Flower To The People Dispensary


From moment one, you can tell this place is going to be incredible. Seriously, the second this artistic building finds its way into your line of sight, you can’t help but smile. It gives off more of a hip record store vibe, than a dispensary, in my opinion. But, I mean that in the best way possible. 

Another aspect that’s worth pointing out about their artistic approach towards design, is they were able to pull off a high level of sleek modernity and visually-pleasing aspects, all without implementing any sort of corny weed leaf iconography, or obnoxiously large billows of graffitied smoke. Instead, it’s a purely pleasing aesthetic that they were able to achieve, and what’s even better, is this same artsy, classy vibe segues itself perfectly into the interior of the building, as well.

A charming brick accent wall serves as the backdrop, and a stunning wood floor plays the supporting role, as multiple displays are strategically placed across the showroom floor. They don’t go with the typical glass display cases here, either. In their place, are vertical display boards, wherein various items are clipped to specific fasteners. And they are in unique groupings that are designed to help expedite the shopping process. 

They have categories like “High in CBD,” “Sore Muscles,” “Gut Health,” and things of this nature. Which is a welcomed departure from the typical categories we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years.


Now, let’s talk about what matters most: the menu.

And, let’s just say, Mission South Shore knocked it out of the park in this category. Hell, they knocked it out of the zip code, because there doesn’t seem to be any holes on this truly expansive medical menu. 

Yes, they have a recreational menu, as well. But there aren’t nearly as many options, as these dispensaries have to be sure to cater to their patient clientele first and foremost. Which often results in a drastically different adult-use menu.

That said, if you have a medical marijuana card, you are going to feel straight up spoiled at Mission! 

They have countless bud to choose from, and the same goes for their concentrates, vapes, and edibles. Sure, there’s not a ton of pre-rolls to be found, but who cares about that when you, literally, have everything else to pick from?!


Color me impressed, Mission South Shore. 

I was floored by the affordability of these top-notch products. They had all sorts of quantities available, with each increase in amount coming with its own mini-price break. I saw more than a few full ounces of flower for only $280 here! That works out to be roughly $10 a gram, and when you’re working with such wholesale numbers like that, it’s hard not to buy it! 

This same level of reasonable value can be found throughout their enormous menu, and I’m abundantly confident that even the pickiest stoner will be able to find more than a few things to their liking. I damn near guarantee it!


I mean, is this really a question? I can’t recommend Mission South Shore fast enough!

There’s nothing but cool emitting from this artistic dispensary in Chicago, and the local cannabis community knows it, as this place is regularly full of happy marijuana enthusiasts, leaving with bags full of much-needed ganja. Their store design, interior layout, and unbeatable selection makes Mission South Shore one of those “can’t miss” cannabis retailers. 

And, if you haven’t already done so, I highly suggest you toss some shoes on, grab a coat, and head on down to Mission South Shore as soon as you can. It’ll only take one visit for you to consider yourself a lifelong fan of this sincerely satisfying dispensary.





8554 S. Commercial Ave., Chicago, IL 60617

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(833) 768-4357


10 am – 7 pm (Mon-Sat), 12 pm – 5 pm (Sun)

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8554 S Commercial Ave, Chicago, IL 60617

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