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Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar 1:1 100mg

Strain: Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar 1:1 100mg

Producer: Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Contributor: Karma Goldin



The chocolate looks good 60%
The blend of the aromas was really nice 100%
It’s a smooth, rich dark chocolate 100%
Relaxation and relief from feelings of anxiety 60%

Nature’s Grace and Wellness’ Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar contains a 1:1 ratio of THC (100mg) and CBD (100mg). Nature’s Grace is proud to highlight the process that goes into making each of their edibles. They use a distillation method that begins with CO2 extraction to produce a nearly tasteless distillate, allowing the user to enjoy the flavors of raspberry dark chocolate without any funkiness.

Appearance 3/5
When I purchased Nature’s Grace and Wellness’ Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar, I was a little surprised at the small packaging – there’s not a lot of product here. The chocolate looks good, though. Each piece is stamped with the Nature’s Grace dove logo, and they’ve split the bar up into suggested doses of 25mg each.

One thing I don’t like about this packaging is that there’s no way to seal it. That’s a pretty big drawback for me since it’s all about keeping the product fresh when I’m not eating it all in one sitting.

Aroma 5/5
After opening the package, I can smell a pleasant aroma of dark chocolate and raspberry. I can definitely smell the cannabis in the product. Altogether, the blend of the aromas was really nice.

Taste 5/5
I’ve found that Nature’s Grace makes some of the best edibles in terms of taste – the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar is no different. It’s a smooth, rich dark chocolate but it has a little bit of extra sweetness so it’s not a very bitter dark chocolate.

I didn’t get the raspberry taste until the end, and it went really well with the flavor of the chocolate. There’s also a little bit of crunchiness at the end which I liked. There was barely any taste of cannabis at all so this would be a great product for new users to try.

Effect 3/5
I ate one piece of the chocolate and felt the effects kick in about one hour after eating. There was a little bit of a head high, but it was really mild so I figured my dose might be too low. I tried taking a larger dose the next day, 50mg.

This time I felt more of a buzz, mostly a mellow relaxation and relief from feelings of anxiety, but there really wasn’t much of a body high. I’m wondering if I didn’t really feel the effects of the CBD. Overall, this is not the most potent edible out there, but I did feel some effects and they were pleasant. Effects last around two hours.

Product price: $40 including tax

I would recommend Nature’s Grace’s Raspberry Dark Chocolate. It’s a delicious edible that may not be the most potent but still has some beneficial effects. This would be a good product especially for a new user since the high is pretty low-key and relaxed. Fans of dark chocolate will love this product – it’s really delicious and one of the better-tasting edibles that I’ve tried.

I can always count on Nature’s Grace to deliver a tasty product. While this wasn’t hard hitting in terms of effect, it’s nice for a relaxing night in. I’d buy this again, and I’ll definitely be heading back to NuEra to try the other products from Nature’s Grace.

1308 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60642

Phone number:(773) 687-8480
Hours:  Monday-Sunday: 10am – 7pm

NuEra is one of my favorite recreational shops in the city. They’ve recently expanded their product menu especially in terms of flower, due mainly to the fact that they have a new growing center in Rochelle, IL. The company’s move into cultivation reaffirms their mission to provide med and rec users with safer and better-quality products.

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