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Growing up as a baby of the 80’s, and a child of the 90’s, various forms of “New Age” medicines kept popping up in mainstream society. This self-wellness trend was a major hit with the average American, who was simply looking for a natural way to live a better life. But many people were skeptical about this whole fad of unique medicines.

While there were still naysayers and skeptics out there, ridiculing and judging those who tried a more holistic approach towards wellness, the fact remained that living a more organic lifestyle is always the way to go. And, it could be argued that a good “first step” in doing so, is by implementing cannabis into your daily routine. 

That’s how I’ve always felt, anyway.

So, you could only imagine how intrigued I was to see this uniquely-named dispensary listed amongst a collection of other local cannabis clubs. Needless to say, the second I spotted this med-only pot shop, I knew I had to learn more about it. And, per my usual routine, I went over to their official website, to see what I could read about their business model and whatnot.

There, I located an interesting self-written blurb, in which they detail their passionate approach towards cannabis, and I have to admit, it won me over damn near immediately. 

To be specific, New Age Care wrote, “Not all who wander are lost. If you are a patient at another licensed dispensary, consider making the switch to New Age Care – we’d love to be a part of your journey! Along with quality products and a comfortable, safe environment, we offer an unparalleled depth of knowledge and dispensary experience. Our team is dedicated to helping patients live happier and healthier lives.”

What an eloquently worded excerpt, if I do say so myself. It’s always nice to encounter a company that shares the same level of respect and admiration for cannabis as I do. Far too often, I encounter establishments who are simply about the money, but those greedy businesses never last long in the cannabis industry. With us, it’s all about quality and customer service, and it appears as though New Age Care is able to provide both.

Further down on their homepage, there was another informative blurb that caught my attention. 

They wrote, “New Age Care is here to help. Our experience team is qualified to assist Illinois medical cannabis patients with the application and registration process. Live in the Chicago area? Come visit us in Mount Prospect – you’re just a few steps away from living your best life!”

Now, if that doesn’t entice you to start shopping, I’m not sure what will.

Everything You Need To Know About New Age Care Dispensary


Straight out of the gate, I have mixed feelings about the exterior design of New Age Care. 

Yes, it is very nice that they have a parking lot to partake in. That sort of sight isn’t always a guarantee with dispensaries, and the fact they can eliminate the stress of searching for a spot puts them a step ahead of the competition instantly. But, that said, their building is the epitome of “boring.”

I’m not exactly saying I need my dispensary to be littered with bright, neon signage or colorful murals – though, it would be nice. It’s just that this place lacks character. It’s abundantly clinical, which I suppose makes sense, given their medicinal-only customer base, but just because they take their bud a little more seriously than a standard rec-shop, doesn’t mean they have to appear so drab. 

Which, sadly, is the most appropriate word to apply to the design of this place. It’s not dirty or anything, so that’s a “plus,” but the yawn-worthy aesthetics of this place are more sleep-inducing than a potent indica, in my opinion. 

But, hey, maybe that’s just me. 

The staff members here are insanely nice, and each budtender was armed with an endless well of knowledge. They really helped me find a perfect product for my specific needs. And, at the end of the day, that’s really what matters most.


Looking at their menu, I have to say I’m beyond impressed.

First thing that’s worth mentioning, is their expansive number of products that they make available to their patients. Their menu has over 100 items to choose from, which makes shopping for even the pickiest puffer an absolute breeze. There’s definitely something for everyone on New Age Care’s menu, that’s for sure.

With nearly 30 strains to drool over, 10 or so extracts, nearly 50 edibles, and a whole lot more…what’s not to like? 

If you’re looking for, well, anything, I guarantee you’ll be able to find it at New Age Care.


As far as prices go, this place is one of those run-of-the-mill, “get what you pay for” types of places. 

By that I mean, they have some lower tier products for lower tier prices, but they also raise a few eyebrows with more expensive price tags, but those are only relegated to the higher quality items. So, like I alluded to above, “you get what you pay for.” 

Which is nice, because, regardless of the size of your “bud budget,” you’ll be able to find something suitable to your liking at this dispensary.


Do I wish this place spent a little more time and money on an interior (and exterior) designer? Oh, absolutely. 

But, as far as being a quality cannabis club is concerned, this place is top-notch, in my opinion. They offer parking to their loyal customer base, and their staff members are amongst the most polite, marijuana-savvy employees around. They help guide you along the marijuana shopping journey with ease and expertise, and you always walk away a satisfied customer.

So, if you happen to be in their area, and are in need of some medical grade cannabis, the fine people over at New Age Care are here to help make your mairjuana dreams come true. It only took one visit for me to consider myself a “lifelong” customer, and I think you’ll be feeling the same way, too.



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(224) 801-2015


10 am – 7 pm (Mon-Fri), 9 am – 5 pm (Sat), 10 am – 2 pm (Sun)


2015 E. Euclid, Mount Prospect, IL 60056

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manager sucks

Rated 1 out of 5
April 2, 2021

This dispensary sucks save time go elsewhere fat bald head guy at the front desk and then a little Spanish guy the manger is a certified A Go to Greenhouse or veralife in Arlington Heights or Natures care Rolling Meadows


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