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With the number of dispensaries and delivery services always on the rise, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for establishments to set themselves apart from the pack. Sure, there are a number of proven tactics that help beckon the attention of the curious cannabis enthusiast, but everybody’s different when it comes to the locating of a new dispensary to hit up.

By that, I mean people are always looking for a variety of different aspects that will, in effect, win them over. In turn, they’ll hit up that location, and potentially make them their new “go-to” establishment.

Some people can be instantly taken aback by a catchy logo. If something, for one reason or another, jumps off the screen at them, they are almost organically prone to research it even further. At that point, if they don’t like what they discover, by all means, they’ll likely bail. But these locations were able to get them in the door, so to speak, which is something every dispensary is striving to do in the quickest way possible.

Then, there are people who are drawn in by a quirky, confidence-boosting logo or iconography. What makes up an “ideal” icon is completely up to that individual person. Because, at the end of the day, art is subjective. And people react differently to all sorts of imagery. What may be deemed forgettable by some, may be labeled eye-catching and stunning by others. It’s really just a case by case basis.

For example, someone may scroll past a calming logo, one that automatically invokes a serene, peaceful feeling and, if they’re so inclined, they will click into that dispensary to see what they have in store. Others look for logos that bring a smile to their face. This usually comes in the form of something animated and comically-inspired by cannabis. This lighthearted approach to logos can win over a curious consumer, too, so it really all depends on what you’re into.

Personally, when I stumbled across CRAFT Cannabis Delivery amongst a list of dispensaries and services in the area, I was immediately struck by their logo and title.

Upon further inspection, CRAFT is actually a clever acronym for: Citizens Research Alliance For Therapeutics.

While I would’ve been more than fine with CRAFT possessing one, singular meaning, I must admit, I was floored by this level of creativity. It also further proved their passion for the plant. And such a display of admiration for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis speaks volumes of their character, and overall business model.

Their logo, a simple brown, black, and white colored square, possessing an artistic rendering of a ripe cannabis flower, afixed in front of a setting sun, and atop a wave of mountains is especially calm and fantastically fetching on the eyes.

It’s abundantly clear, from moment one, just how serious they approach cannabis, and its myriad of positive benefits. Not for nothing, but it only increased my excitement to utilize this Bay Area cannabis delivery service.

Flower To The People Dispensary


With CRAFT being a delivery-only service, there is, sadly, no physical storefront to visit. Which, after admiring their logo and overall aesthetic, would’ve been cool to see. A lot of places don’t have any character to their dispensary design, and I bet these folks would’ve done an amazing job. But, unfortunately, I suppose we’ll just never know for sure.

Anyway, despite that minor bummer, the best way to accurately analyze a delivery service’s vibe is through a visit to their official website. This is how every customer would go about ordering from them anyway, so it only makes sense to critique their web presence.

The second my browser loaded up their phenomenal homepage, I was instantly hooked.

Everything I was hoping to see in a brick-and-mortar establishment, I saw in visually form on their website. The color scheme that won me over in their logo was present throughout their page, and the navigability of the entire interface was tremendous.

Before I continued onward, I made sure to hit up their ‘About Us’ section, which they affectionately re-titled, “Our Passion.”

In it, they explain their cannabis-related mission to their potential customers. Specifically, they wrote, “Working with cannabis is a wonderful alchemy of climate, genetics, patience, and sometimes luck. It’s about inspiration and practice, practice, practice. It has been our life and passion for nearly two decades. Still each time we harvest we learn something new. And every morning when we walk into our garden, we are reminded of just how lucky we are.”

Talk about humble expertise, right?

I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly how I want my dispensary to approach cannabis. I’d much rather they consider this a passion project, and not just a quick attempt to strike it rich in a booming industry. And, as you can clearly see, that’s precisely what you can expect at CRAFT.


I wasn’t prepared for the litany of cannabis products that awaited me on their menu page.

After scrolling past a lengthy list of different daily deals and discounts I could plan to enjoy, I found myself staring at a massive, packed menu full of every marijuana medium under the sun.
Nearly 40 different flower options, almost 50 edibles to choose from, and more extracts than you’d know what to do with. In short, this menu is absolutely amazing, and not lacking in any regard whatsoever.


As one typically does when cruising through an online menu for the first time, the eyes wander down to where the price tag can be found. With such an array of products, like the menu CRAFT is able to provide, I was expecting sky high prices to accompany their top-notch products.

Lucky for me, that wasn’t really the case. Sure, there were some high-priced items every now and then, but the majority of the price points were very budget-friendly.


What can I say? CRAFT is incredible.

Their namesake and logo may win you over, but it’s their impeccable web design and massive selection of affordable products that’ll make you a fan for life. There’s no downsides here. If you have the chance, you should most definitely order bud from CRAFT the next time your stash is starting to run low. They’re incredible.



Address: 1308 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

Phone: (773) 687-8480

Hours: CLOSED (Mon), 11 am – 6 pm

(Tue-Fri), 12 pm – 5 pm (Sat-Sun)

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1308 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

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