PTS Cherry Limeade 1:1 Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: PTS Cherry Limeade 1:1 Disposable Pen 300mg

Producer: PTS

Contributor: David DuBois



Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment 100%
Very similar to Lemon Pledge 60%
sweet fruity/cherry flavor 20%
Pleasant feeling of relaxation 80%

PTS Cherry Limeade 1:1 Disposable Pen
PTS brands its disposables as “The Pure Pen,” which reflects the brand’s commitment to using only the purest ingredients, in this case pure cannabis oil and terpenes, in their products. This gives users the assurance that they are using a product that is made to the highest standards and is safe for use. The Cherry Limeade strain is a 50/50 hybrid that’s a cross between Cherry Pie and Black Lime Reserve. This disposable contains 38.4% THC and 31.05% CBD.

Appearance 5/5
PTS seems to take a minimalist approach to their packaging, but it’s something that works. Product information is on front and back, complete with all the lab testing information. The pen is small and lightweight, perfect for on-the-go enjoyment. There is a light-up indicator on the end of the pen that shows when it is in use – as with other PTS pens, it flashes when the pen has run out of either resin or battery life. My only complaint with this pen is that it came directly out of the package with the oil chamber much, much less than half-full.

Aroma 3/5
The vapor from this pen has an extremely strong chemical-like smell, likely due to the blend of terpenes. It just doesn’t work for me – it’s a smell that’s very similar to Lemon Pledge. I don’t think I’d recommend this product for stealth vaping – compared to some of the other brands out there, the vapor is pretty thick and hangs in their air. The strong chemical smell is also something that is easily noticed.

Taste 1/5
I could taste just a hint of a sweet fruity/cherry flavor on the inhale, but when exhaling, there is just this overpowering chemical taste, like how one would imagine a cleaning product to taste. It’s a taste that really lingers, too. The taste of this pen is just not something that grew on me, at all. Way too much of a chemical taste in my opinion.

Effect 4/5
In terms of effect, the Cherry Limeade Disposable delivered pretty much what I was expecting. After a few hits, I felt a slight head high and just a pleasant feeling of relaxation. I liked the combination of the low levels of THC and CBD. Just a few puffs and I felt an improvement in mood, as well as just a general feeling of well-being. It provides a smooth sense of relaxation, and I was able to enjoy the pen both during the day and at night.

Product price: $55 including tax



The low THC makes this a great product to enjoy at any time of day. It kept me completely functional but provided me with a pleasant sense of relaxation that just made my day better. I found that this pen was also great for nighttime use, especially directly before bedtime. It reduced that “sleep anxiety,” allowing my mind to ease into sleep. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping completely through the night, but taking a quick puff helped me get right back to sleep. The soothing effects of this pen make it a product I would recommend in spite of its flavor.

I was very excited to try a vape that’s high in CBD – I wanted to see how it would stack up next to some of the other items in the PTS line of vapes. Some users may see the low THC of Cherry Limeade as a drawback, but I think it makes this pen a little bit more versatile and ideal for therapeutic use. It’s a great example of a product that highlights the medicinal features of the cannabis plant. I’ll be stopping by NuEra again soon to see what else PTS has to offer, not just for vape products, but also for their variety of interesting edibles.

W. North Ave.,
Chicago, IL 60642

Phone number:(773) 687-8480
Hours:  Monday-Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Recreational Users Check Website for Open Days/Times

I’ve been shopping at NuEra for several months now, and each experience has been excellent. Something I appreciate about NuEra is that their prices are very fair. This is a dispensary that’s in the heart of the city – in general, everything costs more here. Instead of increasing the price, which they could do since the demand is so high, NuEra keeps prices in line with what I’d expect to see in other dispensaries throughout the state. In addition, it seems that NuEra is offering special deals more often. They’re currently offering a generous bundle discount on edibles – I’d definitely recommend checking their website frequently for updates on deals.

1308 West North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

User's Reviews:

I liked it

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 13, 2020

Nice compact pen. No issues with quantity or flavor. Not much of a flavor either way inhaling or exhaling. It does provide relief from pain and a slight head buzz. Good relaxing feeling.


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