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Strain: PTS Night Caps

Producer: PTS

Contributor: Karma Goldin



It looks like a quality product 80%
PTS Night Caps don’t have much of a scent to them 100%
5-stars by default 100%
Natural relief from sleep disturbances 80%

PTS Night Caps
PTS created Night Caps to help users reach that often-elusive, restorative deep sleep. Each capsule contains 10mg THC, along with 2mg melatonin to provide the user with a one-two punch that will lead to restful sleep. PTS uses only the finest organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for their capsules – it’s clear that purity and quality of ingredients is important to this brand.

Appearance 4/5
The packaging of the PTS Night Caps has an overall medicinal feel to it, which is fine with me – it looks like a quality product. The capsules come in a pill bottle that has product information, including an extensive ingredients list. Each capsule is filled with fresh coconut oil, and something I like to see is that they’re all evenly filled – I know that the dose will be consistent.

Aroma 5/5
PTS Night Caps don’t have much of a scent to them, which is fine because they’re just meant to be swallowed for most efficient delivery. I can smell cannabis when I open the container, but nothing too strong.

Taste 5/5
As stated above, these capsules aren’t necessarily meant to be enjoyed in terms of taste. 5-stars by default.

Effect 4/5
I took three of these several hours before I planned to head to bed – I wanted to enjoy some relaxing effects and enjoy the high while I wind down for the day. It took about two hours for these to kick in, and it was a gradual sense of mind-body relief that slowly intensified. I eventually felt so relaxed that I just knocked out, and when I woke up the next day, I could tell that I had been in a deep sleep. I’ll be keeping these on hand for nights where I know I have to get up early the next day. It’s nice to know that there’s a product out there that works as advertised to give users natural relief from sleep disturbances.

Product price: $40 including tax

While capsules might not be the most interesting way to consume cannabis, it certainly is efficient. I would highly recommend the Night Caps to anyone who is looking for relief from stress, anxiety and especially sleep disturbances. This will be my go-to product if I know I’m not in the right mindset when nighttime rolls around, since I know they’ll relax my body and mind in preparation for a great night of sleep.

PTS does it again with their Night Caps. I loved this product, and think anyone who has any sleep issues at all should give these a try. I’ll be looking out for other PTS capsules at MedMen – this experience alone has made me want to try them all!

1132 Lake St, Oak Park,
IL 60301, United States

Phone number:(708) 665-3143
Hours:Mon-Sun 10am – 7pm

I like MedMen because I believe that the prices are fair. They offer some deals here and there, mostly on edibles, and overall the prices are fine for the area. I also like the professional service that I always get from this location. From checking in at the front to making the purchase, staff is able to maintain a high level of friendly service even while we’re all social distancing. It’s a pleasant experience from start to finish.

1132 West Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois

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