Rythm DoSiDos Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: Indica

Producer: Rythm

Contributor: David Dubois



DoSiDos is part of Rythm’s “Relax” family of Indica disposables and it comes in a blue plastic sleeve that can be resealed (which is good – this pen is skunky). When I take it out of the sleeve, I notice there’s very little headspace in the chamber which I like to see. Oil is a beautiful golden copper color. The light-up indicator at the end of the pen is blue, further showing that this pen is part of the “Relax” line. I like Rythm’s use of color to distinguish the uses for their pens – I can keep a few next to the bed and not worry about grabbing a Sativa if I’m needing a hit before falling asleep. 100%
The aroma from this pen is really intense 80%
The flavor is a little fruity 80%
Is ideal for nighttime relaxation 80%

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