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Rythm Layer Cake Disposable Pen

Strain: Rythm Layer Cake Disposable Pen

Producer: Rythm

Contributor: Karma Goldin



Salmon-colored vinyl sleeve, with a plastic zipper enclosure 80%
The aroma is a bit less sweet 80%
Floral note, which is where the light sweetness 60%
Focus on work and other random projects, all without sacrificing clarity 80%

Rhythm is a subsidiary of GTI, and their vapes are almost ubiquitous in dispensaries throughout Illinois. Since demand is high, it’s hit or miss whether a given flavor is in stock, so I was glad to finally pick up Layer Cake, which contains .34g of usable cannabis. The Layer Cake strain is a complex hybrid that’s a cross of Wedding Cake x GMO x Triangle Kush x Skunk #1. Products in the “Balance” line promise to give the user euphoric, yet calming effects. I was excited to see how Layer Cake delivers on this promise.

Appearance 4/5
Disposable vapes in Rythm’s “Balance” (Hybrid strain) line, are packaged in a salmon-colored vinyl sleeve, with a plastic zipper enclosure. Lab testing information is listed on the back of the package. The pen itself comes with a silicone mouthpiece cover, which is a nice touch that hopefully makes using the vape a little more sanitary. The resin inside is a deep amber color, and there is very little excess headspace in the cartridge, which is always a good sign.

Aroma 4/5
Sometimes vapes are so pungent (or sweet) that their odor can be picked up even when they’re not in use. This is not the case with Rythm’s Layer Cake. The aroma is a bit less sweet than I expected, which makes this a solid choice for users who are looking for a product to “stealth vape” while on the go. Layer Cake would be great for that.

Taste 3/5
I wanted a little more flavor in this product, possibly a little more sweetness, too, but the flavor was a bit one-dimensional. The dominant flavor was the pure taste of cannabis mixed with a bit of a floral note, which is where the light sweetness comes in. It had a fine flavor, but it wasn’t that memorable.

Effect 4/5
A few hits of this pen is all it takes to get me in a better state of mind. It produces a pleasant head high that’s ideal for users who want a daytime pick-me-up, or for nighttime users who want to relax and unwind – but not get completely knocked out or get locked on the couch – before bed. I really enjoyed the effects of this pen, and feel that users, both new and experienced, would benefit from the product. Even after a few hits, I was able to focus on work and other random projects, all without sacrificing clarity.

Product price: $50 including tax

I’ve tried other products from the Rythm line, and each experience has been a bit different from the last. I enjoyed this pen for its balance – it produces great waves of relief from stress and anxiety, and allowed me to focus on creative projects in an entirely focused, steady way. I’ll keep this pen handy when I need a little extra boost to get through a long day.

Since legalization, NuMed has provided adult-use customers in the Chicago area with quality medicinal cannabis products, and Rythm’s Layer Cake Disposable vape is no exception. Any user looking for an even high, and a vape that’s mild, but flavorful, should check out this strain by Rythm, as well as many other strains in their Balance disposable vape product line.

Address: 1308 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60642
Phone number: (773) 687-8480
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11 am-6 pm

NuMed continues to be a key player in the Chicago cannabis community, and they generously were offering a discount on certain vape products on this last visit. Their online ordering system is easy to use, and it’s a must for rec users to pre-order before they head to the dispensary.

Online ordering makes the experience in the store safe and efficient. Rec users must pre-order, beginning at 11:00 AM each day, then they must select a time window to pick up the order between 12:00 PM – 5:30 PM that day. This eliminates lines once you get to the dispensary, allowing everyone to get what they need in a socially-distanced way.

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