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Joos Forbidden Fruit 2:1 Disposable Pen 300mg

Joos Forbidden Fruit 2:1 Disposable Pen 300mg


Joos Forbidden Fruit 2:1 Disposable Pen 300mg
Strain: Joos Forbidden Fruit 2:1 Disposable Pen 300mg
Producer: Nature’s Grace and Wellness – Joos
Contributor: David DuBois 4.75
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Universities Across US Offer Cannabis Majors


Contributor: Asia Mayfield Chemistry. Agriculture. Cannabis. The three subjects are intertwined, yet decades of harsh federal legislation has shunted serious attention away from cannabis. Now, however, everything is changing. Legitimate universities are preparing students for roles in the cannabis industry. A cannabis degree is a real possibility. “The internet has called this a cannabis degree;… Read More »

How Cannabis Can Help Breast Cancer Symptoms


Contributor: Timothy D. Pineda While it may go without saying, I feel obligated to remind everyone that breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer found in all women. Sometimes, with ailments of this nature, age, race, or genetic backgrounds come into play, but for breast cancer, there is no discrimination – any woman (or man)… Read More »

These Are the States With the Most Cannabis Dispensaries


Source: Now that marijuana legalization is taking hold across the country, the cannabis industry is really starting to bud. Ahh, get it? At any rate, in the 40 odd states that have legalized the leaf for medicinal and recreational use…. Read the rest on Cannabis, Cannabis Dispensaries, Cannabis Industry & Marijuana, Cannabis Legalization,… Read More »

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