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This is one of those dispensaries that doesn’t really sound like a dispensary, at all. In fact, the second I first saw the phrase, “Columbia Care Chicago” I thought it was a new procedural series by Dick Wolf, or something. It definitely has the vibe of a hospital drama to me, but perhaps that’s because they are solely focused on patients as their clientele, much like any hospital around the world.

To say I was immediately intrigued by this place would be an understatement. I wanted to learn as much about this establishment as I could, as soon as possible, before deciding if I should head on over to their official storefront, over there on N. Milwaukee Avenue. 

And, per my usual routine, I find that the best way to learn about how a business approaches their customers, and the cannabis industry, in general, is through a trip to their website. 

Specifically, to their “About Us” section.

Once I was able to navigate my way over to this informative page on their official site, I was beyond pleased with what I read. 

In their self-written blurb, in which they detail their mission statement, and proficient passion for the plant, Columbia Care Chicago wrote that they are, “…on of the largest and most experienced multi-state operators in the medical cannabis industry, with licenses in 15 jurisdictions in the US and the EU.”

Adding, “With over 1,000,000 successful sales transactions since its inception, Columbia Care is a patient-centered organization setting the standard for compassion, professionalism, quality, caring and innovation, working in collaboration with some of the most renowned and innovative teaching hospitals and medical centers in the world.”

They then chose to round out this “About Us” blurb with a bit of bragging, but every stat they shared with the curious cannabis consumer on this page was more than earned, and deserving of respect. 

They wrote, “With six-plus years of strong organic growth, disciplined operationalization of licenses, over 1 million sales transactions since inception, and having built 14 state-by-state vertically integrated operations, including 54 facilities in operation or development, and 35 licenses in 15 markets, we understand regulators, compliance, cultivation, manufacturing, quality control, physicians, caregivers, dispensaries, patients, and data inherent for success in this industry.”


Well, that impressive resume has more than piqued my interest. They won me over, to say the least. And I couldn’t wait to hit up their establishment, to see if they could actually live up to the high expectations that they just instilled in me, with this stellar “About Us” section.

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This modern, professional cannabis clinic is truly striking. Their building looks like a clean, medical establishment, and that same level of elegance and design only heightens the second you step foot inside. 

Gray tiling serves as the foundation to the other wise white, and calmly lit waiting area. This is where you check-in with their staffers, before eventually being called back into their showroom. But, whatever the wait time is that you endure, however long it may be, it seems to fly by, as the overall vibe and aesthetics of this reception area are downright eye-catching and calming in nature.

Moving into their showroom, it’s not as large as others in the area, but what they lack in square footage, they more than make up for with quality products. Each of which are displayed in sophisticated glass display cases along the wall. 

Everyone who was working seemed to be the epitome of jovial. And, not for nothing, that sort of inherent optimism does a lot for the whole marijuana purchasing experience, in my opinion. If people seem like they enjoy their job, they will have more heartfelt answers to questions, in addition to having a plethora of personal experiences and recommendations to share with customers.


Moving on to their menu, I have to say, I’m pretty dang impressed, especially for a place that caters to only medical marijuana patients. In my experience, these exclusive locations can either lack or excel in their selection of products, and I’m happy to report that Columbia Care Chicago finds itself in the latter category.

With over 100 items to choose from, spanning all categories, it’s easy to find something that suits your specific cannabis-related needs. Almost half of those options are of the edible variety, so if ingestible ganja is your thing, I guarantee that you’ll find at least one thing to your liking at this wonderful location.

They don’t have a lot of flower or topicals to choose from, which is a bummer, but if you are in the market for a quality, lab-tested vape, this is the place to go, no doubt about it.


Standard. But, I mean that in the most positive way possible. 

Columbia Care Chicago isn’t trying to scare off potential customers with exorbitant price tags, but it appears as though they aren’t looking to “hook up” their clients, either. Perhaps, this is the monetary margin they have to set, in order to even think about turning a profit. Which is understandable. 

And, again, none of these prices are out of the ordinary, but the presence of some sort of bargain or specials section would’ve done this place a lot of good. However, that said, I was happy with the appropriate values this company bestowed onto their laundry list of cannabis products, and I was able to easily find more than a few things that I wanted to buy.


Even though this place doesn’t entice new customers with any sort of jaw-dropping deals, they do attract an onslaught of business with their professional, clean, incredibly clinical demeanor. They don’t make their place feel like a doctor’s office, although their exterior aesthetic screams that at passersby. 

Their interior design is top-notch, and sets a solid tone of comfortability and opulence from the moment a customer steps inside of their humble establishment. Their staff members are comically polite, and their budtenders know the menu inside and out. 

My experience at Columbia Care Chicago was fantastic, and I can’t help but recommend them to any other medical marijuana patients in the area. They truly are phenomenal at what they do. I already can’t wait to go back!



Address: 4758 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: (312) 948-9082

Hours: 10 am – 7 pm (Mon-Fri), 10 am – 5 pm (Sat), CLOSED (Sun)

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4758 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

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User's Reviews:

Columbia Care - Chicago, I like them....

Rated 5.0 out of 5
November 14, 2020

At first, and before I even visited there I had my doubts about the prices I saw on their website. They seemed to be really overpriced and it was baffling to see the long lines in the beginning of 2020 Even though I could walk there I was shopping elsewhere mostly because of the prices.

After a phone call I found out that those prices included tax! That’s great! IMHO it’s nice to know exactly what you’ll be spending before you get there. Their selection of product (adult use) seems to be good and inline with other local dispensaries. Overall pricing is only slightly higher but for me it’s proximity makes it worthwhile.

The customer service is excellent. I had a minor mix-up in an order I placed and I called just to inform them of the trouble. Without having to ask they made good on the problem and took care of it. Thank you!

The only issue with this location is parking. Yeah, it’s Chicago so parking isn’t free. But there is an exempt spot right at their front door and if it’s open then parking is free.

The interior of the purchasing area is a bit small but they do an excellent job of making sure that everyone can stay socially distanced. I feel safer there than I do in the grocery store!


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