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A dispensary’s namesake can, in my opinion, make or break a business. 

Now, I’m well aware that that isn’t a commonly-shared belief. But, in my experience, if a place can effectively win me over, and stand out in a crowd, with a uniquely intriguing title, my curiosity will take over all my decision-making skills, and I’ll soon find myself at that very establishment, seeing what they have to offer. 

This is, in no way, a perfect science. 

In fact, there’s been a litany of times when a cannabis club simply didn’t live up to its inherent level of expected quality. But, more often than not, if a company has taken the proper amount of time to adequately name their location, that usually results in a plethora of repeat business. And such seems to be the case with EarthMed, out here in Addison.

One of the main cries that you’d often hear from the cannabis community during those painful prohibition years, was how medicinal the plant was, and the scientific community has done nothing but back that up, with hoards of data proving that sentiment to be an undeniable fact. Not only is marijuana filled with therapeutic and relieving effects, but it’s a naturally growing element, that requires absolutely no additional chemicals, in order for it to deliver a serene series of calm, comforting effects onto the consumer. 

In short, it’s Earth Medicine, also known as, “EarthMed.”

That abbreviated approach towards their official namesake automatically implies a heightened respect and passion for the plant, which, presumably, is going to segue into their shopping experience. I mean, it’s hard to not think that way. If they are already holding cannabis in such high-esteem, they subsequently understand just how beneficial it is, and would want to do anything in their power to help others welcome cannabis into their lives, as well. 

That is probably what led them to open a dispensary in the first place – out of passion, not profit. And, with that kind of heartfelt approach towards cannabis, it only stands to reason that they want all of their customers to be just as happy as they are.

So, armed with those sky-high expectations, I decided to pay this humble cannabis establishment a visit, to see if they could live up to this pre-established hype that I created for them, simply by admiring their name.

Flower To The People Dispensary


While some dispensaries may be hard to find, as they try to hide in plain sight, amongst crowded, city streets, this Addison dispensary announces its presence proudly with a substantially-sized storefront, affixed with an unforgettable flag pole right in the front of their brick building.

You can tell that this place isn’t trying to hide their cannabis identity, and why would they? This place caters to both, medicinal and recreational, cannabis consumers, so if they can somehow lure in any pot-loving passersby with a bright, recognizable sign off the street and into their store, that’s a “win.”

The sign-in process, along with checkout, could take a bit of time here, especially if the place is busy. Which, to be fair, has been a common sight since recreational use became legal in January. But, even taking that into consideration, these “waits” are never very long, and every single staff member always seems to be the epitome of energetic and polite. And, really, that’s all you can ask for from an employee.

Their showroom is pretty standard, to be honest. Just a series of glass display cases, each of which showing off a different realm of their menu. Not a whole lot of innovation, as far interior design goes, that’s for sure.


First off, let’s give credit where credit is due. This menu sports over 120+ cannabis products to choose from. Now, in all honesty, that’s for medical patients, as the amount of options for recreational customers isn’t as extensive. But for there’s a reason for this, however.

This is because establishments are legally required to keep enough product on hand to serve their medical customers first, as these folks rely on cannabis for pain-relief, as a sleep aid, or any number of medical reasons. So, seeing a difference between these two crowds is normal, but to see so many things to choose from, as a medical marijuana patient, it definitely brought a smile to my stoner face.

They have tons of top-shelf flower, concentrates, and vapes to go around – but they have even more edibles. Seriously, the edible portion of their menu is beyond impressive, and it only took me a couple seconds before I found a few things that I was interested in buying.


I knew it! I knew this place was going to look out for their customers. 

They could’ve easily inflated the average price points on these quality items, but they chose to keep everything super affordable, which is always a delight to see. Most places see an opportunity to “up-charge” and they don’t even hesitate to take it, but EarthMed wants the customer to leave their storefront happy, and excited to come back for another visit. Which is precisely the joy that I was feeling, realizing that I didn’t have to overpay for a bag full of high-quality cannabis.

That said, you won’t find anything jaw-droppingly cheap, but their typical price tag won’t make you faint, either. They have struck a perfect balance between “budget-friendly” and “reasonable,” and they’ve done so in the most subtle way possible. And those adequate price points really made the entire shopping experience an enjoyable one.


This is one of those beloved dispensaries that turns you into a “lifelong customer” after only one visit. Everything about their business model was phenomenal. I can’t even express how happy I was with my entire experience. From start to finish, I felt like I was in the hands of cannabis professionals. Which is more than what could be said about the average dispensary these days.

Their products are exquisite, their prices are the definition of “affordable,” and everyone who works there had nothing but smiles and knowledge to hand out. This place is incredible, and I truly think that everyone should check them out.




852 South Westgate Dr., Addison, Illinois 60101


(630) 607-0796


11 am – 7 pm (Mon-Wed), 11 am – 8 pm (Thu-Sat), CLOSED (Sun)

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852 S Westgate St, Addison, IL 60101

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