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What comes to your mind when you hear the name, “GreenGate”?

For me, my imagination instantly conjures up an angelic scene. One adorned with soft clouds, and a massive front gate, completely covered in various forms of dank greenery. As I take one small step towards the emerald-colored entrance, it slowly opens up, entirely on its own. Then, a few steps later, I find myself in the middle of what could only be described as “Ganja Heaven.” 

A soft breeze whips past my face, along with it flows a stream of supreme terpenes that inherently sweep me off my feet – literally. And, before I know it, I’m effortlessly floating over these valleys full of tall, perfectly ripe buds. I’m like the “Pepe Le Pew of Cannabis” in this instant daydream, and my mind is immediately filled with serenity and excitement.

And that’s simply from reading their name – nothing else!

I don’t know about you, but any sort of dispensary that can transform my mental state into one filled with marijuana-related imagery and total tranquility, will always get my attention, and I don’t think I’m the only one who routinely falls victim to these strain-related siren calls from cannabis clubs. There’s something special about a perfectly-named dispensary. Their intriguing title instills confidence and satisfaction in potential customers from the jump, and GreenGate Chicago is one of those special places.

Before I moseyed over to their storefront on N. Rogers Avenue, I decided to hit up their official website, to see if there was anything, in particular, I could look forward to. One of the very first things that you’ll encounter on their landing page, is a mini-blurb about themselves, and their overall approach to their business.

Specifically, they wrote, “Nobody should have to live in pain. At GreenGate Chicago, we provide a welcoming environment, along with the promise that our patients will receive personalized assistance from a medical cannabis expert. Together we will find the remedy that works best for you.” 

Wow. How wholesome (and heartfelt) is that?! 

Their authenticity is more than apparent with such a caring approach towards cannabis. Which is a lot more passionate than most cannabis clubs these days, who are solely in the industry to “get rich.” But, rest assured, those greedy establishments won’t last long, as quality always outlasts the competition. 

GreenGate is already impressing me with their business, and I haven’t even shopped there – yet.

So, let’s take a look at the overall atmosphere over there at GreenGate Chicago, shall we?

Flower To The People Dispensary


First off, it should be known that this place has its own parking area. Which, as you may already know, isn’t always a guarantee at these sorts of establishments. But, whenever a business can offer up some guaranteed parking spots, that automatically increases its value with potential customers. 

To be frank, we don’t want to have to circle blocks, and cross our fingers, hoping we’ll eventually find a spot somewhere near the dispensary. That sort of frustration never puts anyone in a good mood, even if they are about to legally buy cannabis. So, for this place to take that into account, and make parking available to their customers is a smart move, in my opinion.

Their quaint brick building is impressive with its simplicity. 

Their striking, hospital-esque logo is charming, and proudly presented alongside their front entrance. Once inside, their design and aesthetic is very calming, but a bit drab, in my opinion. They kind of do the bare minimum to set up a serene environment for their patients, but they don’t do so in any kind of unique or modern way. Which, to be fair, isn’t horrible, it’s just not one of their “strongpoints,” if you catch my drift.

The staff at GreenGate could teach other dispensaries a thing or two about politeness, because these folks are some of the nicest people around. They display a genuine happiness and patience with each customer. Not to mention, the massive amount of knowledge and recommendations they have. Which makes each visit a surprisingly satisfying experience.


Well, for starters, their menu is proudly boasting over 200 items on it, and if that doesn’t get you excited, I’m not sure what will. 

Per the usual, I kicked off my menu analysis in their floral section. And, seeing as how they have so many items to pick from, I was expecting an onslaught of strains, but that was, sadly, not the case. A mere 12 floral options were available, which isn’t terrible, but it definitely didn’t meet my expectations. Same could be said about their concentrates and vape cartridges.

But, all of that disappointment vanished the second I realized they offered over 100+ edibles!

That’s right, party people. Your eyes are not deceiving you. This place has over 100 edible varieties of cannabis to choose from, and I don’t think I can recall seeing such an enormous array of ingestible marijuana in one place. I was floored, to say the least. 


Their prices are pretty dang affordable, with only the sporadic skyhigh value here and there. But those inflated price tags are usually attached to a supremely potent product, so an increase in price is to be expected. 

Other than that, these prices are pretty much par for the course in every single way. The good news about that is, you can go to this place knowing that you won’t need to “break the bank” in order to get some dank. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most? I certainly think so!


Yeah, GreenGate Chicago is winner, folks. No doubt about it. 

Everything about this quaint cannabis club is top-notch, in my professional opinion. Their storefront, their products, and their world-class employees are what make this place phenomenal. I’ve never had a bad experience at GreenGate, and I doubt I ever will. If you’re wondering if you should hit up GreenGate for your cannabis needs, stop thinking and just go! 

You’ll be happy that you did – trust me.




7305 N. Rogers Ave., Chicago, IL 60626

Phone Number:

(773) 516-4007


12 pm – 6 pm (Sun-Wed), 10 am – 7 pm (Thu-Sat)

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7305 N Rogers Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

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