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“Naturally better health.”

Now, that’s quite a slogan that Maribis has chosen. 

Sounds more appropriate for a new hospital, doesn’t it? Well, if you’re like me, and can’t help but associate the name “Maribis” with patients, it’s for good reason. Because, even though recreational use became fully legal in the state of Illinois this past January, this place continues to only cater to their medical marijuana client base – but, it’s basically out of necessity.

See, in Illinois, even with the passing of recreational marijuana, they value the wants and needs of medical marijuana patients greater than those citizens who are simply interested in adult-use. 

These courageous cannabis enthusiasts rely on marijuana as their main form of medicine, so by law, establishments are required to keep enough supply on deck for them to choose from, should their dispensary become filled with eager patients looking for some much-needed bud to help them live a more comfortable, pain-free life. 

And, seeing as how the consistent onslaught of recreational customers are buying out dispensaries left and right, some places have decided to not even risk going out of stock before their medical marijuana customers get a chance at it. 

Other places work around this stipulation with specific store hours, separating these two customer bases from one another, but other locations, such as Maribis of Chicago, for example, are just going to hold off on recreational sales, until they can guarantee that they have enough bud for everyone

Which, at the end of the day, makes nothing but sense.

I mean, put yourself in the shoes of someone who needs cannabis to aid in their pain relief or discomfort. You don’t want to wait in long lines, only to be told the one item you need is sold out. That sort of occurrence is always a bummer, to say the least. 

However, even though adult-use is now fully legal in Illinois, more and more people are seeing the multitude of benefits that these patients have, and are reconsidering their recreational position. Patients with medical marijuana cards get guaranteed access to products, are allowed to skip long lines, and are prioritized far higher than the average recreational customer. These sorts of advantages have led to an influx of medical marijuana applications since January.

And, honestly, can you blame them? 

If I was able to get all of those perks, I’d sign up for a medical marijuana card, too. I think anybody would. 

Anyway, since I’ve already got my card handy, I figured it was high time (pun intended) to check this place out to see what they have to offer.

Maribis Of Chicago Dispensary


Quaint, and somewhat “hidden” in plain sight. 

That’s basically the most succinct way to describe the somewhat lackluster appearance of this dispensary’s building. Sitting on the corner, in the middle of suburbia, is the Maribis of Chicago storefront. 

It sports a yawn-worthy tan, brick exterior, with only a smattering of tiny, square windows on the side. Privacy for their patients is obviously one of their main goals. Or, perhaps, they just lucked into such an aesthetic with this archaically restrictive building design. 

Also, when presented with such an establishment, you’d think they’d compensate for their drab demeanor with a spiffy, eye-catching signage of some kind. Nope. Not here. There’s just a thin, green and white stripe that subtly indicates its whereabouts for curious cannabis passersby to spot. 

But, does it demand the attention of a potential customer that may be strolling through the neighborhood? Absolutely not. 

However, at the end of the day, they aren’t trying to appeal to the common cannabis enthusiast. This is still a “med-only” shop, after all. So, perhaps discretion is key for locations of this nature. 

But, personally, I don’t mind if people see me walking into a clearly-labeled dispensary. I’m proud of my passion for this wonderful plant, but I suppose, that same pride isn’t shared with the average medical marijuana patient, who simply wants to pick up their bud, and get back home as soon as possible. And I completely understand that.


I have to admit, I’m impressed by this level of selection.

They have over 20 flowers to choose from, nearly 50 edible options, and well over 30 vape pens. At some shops, you’d be surprised to see even 10 strains of bud on their menu, so for this place to easily double that amount (and then some) is a delight to see. I’m a fan of the classic form of cannabis, and whenever a dispensary offers up such a wide array of bud, I can’t help but smile, and feel abundantly spoiled with my wealth of options.

Also, it’s smart to have so many edibles to select from. Many patients opt for the slow sedation of edibles to calm their aches and pains (myself included). And their litany of delectable options, from various brands, is one of the many things I enjoy about this menu, and I think you would, too.


Here’s where I tend to hold my breath, during the analysis of a dispensary. 

They could offer up every product and amenity in the world, but if they are going to make me break my modest “bud budget” solely to partake in their goods, it doesn’t matter how dank they are, I’m taking my business (and hard-earned money) elsewhere.

Thankfully, that sort of financial frustration never took place, as I was skimming their large menu full of amazing products. Standard prices for flowers, edibles, vapes, you name it. Every category was the epitome of “reasonable,” as far as average price points are concerned. 

Sure, they could’ve used a few more “Super Bargain” deals, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?


This is a “slam dunk,” folks. 

There is honestly no reason to not hit up Maribis of Chicago for all of your cannabis needs. Truly. To be completely forthright, this place is so awesome, it may persuade a casual, recreational consumer to go out and get themselves certified, with a medical marijuana card, solely to utilize this fantastic dispensary’s incredible service. 

They might not have the “coolest” looking establishment, but what they lack in design, they more than make up for with a deep selection of top-quality cannabis products, that’s for sure.



Address: 4570 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60632

Phone Number: (773) 940-2216

Hours: 10 am – 7 pm (Mon-Fri), 10 am – 3 pm (Sat), 10 am – 6 pm (Sun)

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4570 S Archer Ave, Chicago, IL 60632

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