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Medical Cannabis Doctors Bio
Flower to the People
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Boy, they didn’t try to get creative at all with their title, did they?

Talk about an utter lack of character, am I right? Geez.

But, I suppose, upon further inspection, as direct as this namesake may be, that’s probably for a more “functional” purpose, with creativity taking a back seat. What I mean by that is, in this new time of recreational cannabis being legal in the great state of Illinois, there are various rules that separate the recreational customer from the medical marijuana patient. 

One of the most glaring things is how establishment’s are legally forced to prioritize the needs and wants of their medical patients first and foremost. They then sell whatever they have left to their recreational clients. Which, at the end of the day, makes nothing but sense. These people rely on cannabis for medicinal relief, so they shouldn’t be turned away simply because some healthy 20-something wants to stock up on recreational bud, so I completely understand that distinction.

Anyway, having a name like this automatically lets potential customers know that they place patients above all-else, as they should, and that’s really all they do. So, if there was any ne’er-do-well recreational customer, thinking they can buy bud from here or something, they should know that that simply isn’t the case.

And, if they show up flummoxed, that proves that they didn’t even take the time to learn the name of this place. That sort of negligence and lack of research is rarely rewarded, much like that aforementioned example. So, the quick route to identifying as “Medical Cannabis Doctors” seems like a smart move.

Also, while it goes without saying, should you not have a medical card, but want one, these guys can hook you up with same-day cards. Not too shabby, right?

Taking a quick gander at their logo, I must say, I kind of like their simplistic design. 

It definitely matches their equally-mundane name, that’s for sure. But it does so in a kitschy way that I find irresistable. A simple circle, with a red border and lettering, sporting the letters MCD, alongside a halved weed leaf. Again, they perfectly convey their business model in mere milliseconds, and you really have to applaud them for achieving that somewhat difficult-to-attain design goal. 

Flower To The People Dispensary


Personally, I find that a bit of research is optimal, in order to learn the most about an establishment, before blessing them with your sought-after cannabis business. In this case, I did a bit of Googling, and eventually found myself smack dab in the middle of their official website. 

At this point, wanting to learn as much as I could about this establishment, I went ahead and meandered over to their super-detailed “About Us” section.

In which, they wrote, “Our goal at Medical Cannabis Doctors in Villa Park is to make you a registered Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient, drive down the high cost associated with getting a card, and provide education and awareness to providers and the public throughout the state of Illinois.”

If you can’t get behind a genuine mission statement like that, I’m not sure what to tell you. This place seems dedicated to embracing cannabis, and helping others see just how medicinally beneficial this plant can be. 

Their self-written blurbs continued on to say that, “We provide patients and Doctors with education on a variety of topics including: cooking, prepping, administering, and uses of cannabis. Dosing guidelines and strain profile education. Doctor education consists of a hands-on approach with our patients and staff.”

Adding, “Physicians will learn up close how cannabis becomes a medicine in a state approved cultivation facility. Seminars, Clinic access, and access to industry data are just some of the benefits of becoming an MCD Certified Physician. Our goal is to provide education so physicians and patients have a general understanding of cannabis as a medicine, and to strengthen the physician and patient relationship.”

Wow. So, not only are they trying to educate their customers, they are looking to add even more marijuana-related physicians to their already impressive team of cannabis professionals. That’s pretty awesome, if you ask me. 


Seeing as how this is merely a facility to get certified for a medical marijuana card, there’s really no menu to analyze. However, I must say, that the fact they are able to certify you the very same day you walk in, is incredibly useful. 

Many Illinois residents are growing tired of the long lines that recreational patients have to endure whenever they want to go to a dispensary. While they wait, they are seeing medical patients skip the lines altogether, and get their pick of the litter, before it dwindles away to mere scraps.

So, the fact that this place is so legit (and efficient) makes it one of the most popular facilities of its kind in Chicago. There’s definitely a reason why this establishment’s name keeps getting brought up in the cannabis community, they’re great!


Again, as far as price points on specific items are concerned, I don’t think that sort of critical analysis will be able to be done at a place like this. But, that said, they do offer a slight price list, should you be interested in utilizing their certification and/or medical services.

To be specific, you can go for a “Physician Certification Visit” which would run you about $270. And, should you want to increase your legal limit to 10 ounces allowed per month, you can pay for that sort of assessment, too, but it’ll cost you about $250.

Other than that, everything is pretty standard, as far as the Illinois legal limits on this sort of thing are concerned. It’s $100 for 1 year, double that for 2 years, and if you are so inclined to lock yourself in for a 3 year commitment, it will cost you $250.


If you are in the market for a Medical Cannabis Doctor, then why not hit up Medical Cannabis Doctors?! 

They are incredibly passionate and abundantly serious about cannabis as a quality form of medicine. There is no sketchy-factor to them whatsoever. So, if you are in need of certification, they are more than happy to help you out.




420 West Stone Road, Suite E-1, Villa Park, IL 60181

Phone Number:

4(630) 551-8210


9 am – 5 pm (Mon-Tue), 10 am – 2 pm (Wed), 1 pm – 8 pm (Thu), 9 am – 4 pm (Fri), 2 pm – 7 pm (Sat), 11 am – 2 pm (Sun)

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420 W Stone Rd, Villa Park, IL 60181

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