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Typically, when one takes on the daunting task of opening a dispensary, they are merely trying to keep up with the ever-growing competition. In other words, their initial goal is to simply keep their heads above water, financially-speaking. They learn various lessons along the way, both through trial and error, and by seeing how their competition is succeeding or failing. Then, through a series of business moves and company connections, they implement these crucial lessons and, in turn, they enjoy a wealth of repeat business.

Now, if you can’t already gauge from this projection, the more repeat business you get, the more you stand to succeed. This is because, not only are you able to serve as a reliable source of quality for your “Day One” customers, but word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire in the community, which usually means that more and more people will want to check out your place, simply to see if it can live up to the hype, so to speak.

Then, if you can, somehow, continually prove your worth to these new and returning customers, you can branch out, and open up another location, and another, and another. Soon, before you know it, you’ve launched an entire franchise of cannabis clubs that can be found all over the country. You are, essentially, a pioneer in the world of cannabis, and your hard work and tireless efforts have paid off in major ways. Not only for your newly-fattened pocketbook, but for you consistently satisfied customer base, as well.

That, in so many words, is the tale of MedMen. 

From the very start, the creators of this one-of-a-kind, super-recognizable, Apple-Store-of-Cannabis have set their sights on market domination. And, though a series of smart business ventures, and a handful of critical investments, they were able to take massive leaps towards making that marijuana dream a full-blown reality.

This chain of cannabis retail stores is deserving of the utmost respect. They have found a way to set themselves apart from the pack, all while continuing to hit new heights that no other dispensary has ever gotten close to.

So, as you could probably imagine, the second I heard about this Oak Park location, I had to check it out. I mean, just like everybody else, I was super curious to see if this place could live up to its inherent promise of quality and customer service. But, I guess, there’s only one way to find that out for sure, right?

Flower To The People Dispensary


One of the most trusted ways to find out about a company’s true “passion for the plant” is by seeing how they choose to represent themselves, and their subsequent business approach, via a self-written “About Us” type of blurb. And, after a bit of combing through their official website, I was able to locate just such an excerpt.

In one section, they discuss how they’ve always wanted to be icons in the industry. Specifically, they write, “MedMen is writing the book on the modern cannabis industry, from how facilities are designed and constructed to setting the bar on quality and excellence. We are also helping shape the laws that make this industry viable.”

They’re dead-on with that self-proclaimed assessment, too. 

This informative page continues on to add that, “MedMen operates scalable, highly-efficient growing facilities using the latest in agronomic technology and sustainable techniques, and our manufacturing facilities use standards comparable to those in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.”

Closing with, “We do not run pot shops, we manage class leading retail stores that happen to sell marijuana and marijuana products. MedMen operates several dispensaries in the most strategic markets in the country and we continue to grow rapidly.”

Well, if that doesn’t instil instant confidence, I’m not sure what will. 


Every single one of their establishments is a free-roaming showroom, where employees, in trademark red-laden garb, approach you with a handheld tablet, and help you place an order. They then retreat back to the stockroom, and in a few short minutes, return with your order. 

Then, boom, you’re done. It’s pretty dang efficient, if you ask me.

As I cruised around, I was very pleased with everything I was seeing. There were plenty of options to choose from in every category. No wonder these guys are so beloved in the cannabis industry, they have everything you could ever want – and then some. It’s awesome!


Fair, but nothing shocking. 

I mean, yeah, sure, there were a few deals here and there that did pique my curiosity, but for the most part, these price tags are very run-of-the-mill. Which, while a bit unremarkable, is still nice to see because, given how potent the average product is, you’d expect them to charge as much as possible. But, it appears as though they were destined to earn repeat business through low prices, as opposed to a couple bucks from one-time enthusiasts. Which makes nothing but sense when you think about it. So, no real complaints here in this regard.


They are a monster chain for a reason! Well, for a litany of reasons, to be exact. 

Everything about this place, from the aesthetics, to the professionalism, all the way down to their wide selection of top-notch products, there’s really nothing but positives to point out about MedMen in Oak Park. 


I truly believe that their business model, and overall approach towards the cannabis industry, is going to continue to serve as an example of “how to do it right” for many years to come. They have figured out how to expedite the marijuana buying process, without sacrificing customer service. Their budtenders really know their stuff and, while they are all about efficiency, they don’t mind taking time to answer any and all questions you may have about, well, anything

Seriously, this place is that damn good. And, I can honestly say, from personal experience, MedMen more than lives up to the hype.




1132 Lake St Oak Park, IL 60301


(708) 665-3143


8 am – 7 pm, 7 days a week

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1132 Lake St, Oak Park, IL 60301

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