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Gallup: Twelve Percent of Adults Acknowledge Smoking Marijuana

Source: Twelve percent of US adults self-identify as cannabis consumers, according to survey data… Read More »


Marijuana producer Organigram stock soars 30% as sales double

Source: Organigram Holdings Inc. stock soared 30% during extended trading Tuesday, as the Canadian… Read More »


Chicago’s former top cop consulting local cannabis company

Source: A former head of the Chicago Police Department is advising a local cannabis… Read More »


Bernie Sanders Pledges Legal Marijuana In All 50 States On Day One As President

Bernie Sanders, Best Cannabis Reviews, Best Recommended Cannabis, Best Recommended Dispensaries, Cananbis Reviews, cultivate, emeraldtriangleseeds,… Read More »


Could Bernie Sanders Actually Legalize Marijuana Nationwide On Day One As President?

Source: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is making a bold promise: if elected president, he… Read More »

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