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How To Celebrate 4/20 While Quarantined


Contributor: William T. Sampson How are we supposed to celebrate 4/20 while quarantined?! That’s a pretty common question that I’ve been hearing more and more these days, and it makes sense why such an inquiry is being spouted in various phone calls and text conversations. Nobody really knows how to handle themselves in such unprecedented… Read More »

How Illinois Cannabis Clubs Are Preparing For Recreational Sales

How Illinois Cannabis Clubs Are Preparing For Recreational Sales

Contributor: ASIA MAYFIELD Whenever legalization is passed in a state, it’s an exciting time for cannabis enthusiasts who are lucky enough to live within their borders. For decades, these folks were subjected to getting their herb from sketchy people on the streets, and they were collectively criticized by society. The wealth of negative stigma that… Read More »

Illinois Teacher Harassed By Coworkers For Medical Marijuana Use

Contributor: KC Scannell Many may not be fully aware, but before states go ahead and legalize recreational cannabis, they often test the waters with a period of medicinal-only marijuana. In this brief experimentation phase, any citizen who feels like their varying ailments would benefit from the implementation of cannabis into their daily routine, are required… Read More »

Cannabis Club Applications Will Soon Be Accepted In Illinois

Cannabis Club Applications Will Be Soon Accepted In Illinois

Contributor: KC Scannell It is a very exciting time to be a cannabis enthusiast in the great state of Illinois. This midwestern paradise is on the verge of legalizing recreational marijuana within its borders, and cannabis advocates (like myself) couldn’t be more pumped about it. However, in order to truly enjoy the wealth of benefits… Read More »

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