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Cresco Vegas Disposable Pen

Strain: Cresco Vegas Disposable Pen

Producer: Cresco

Contributor: Benjamin Knope



The flashy packaging of the Vegas pen 80%
The vapor smells lightly sweet 60%
Dominant flavor was a mixture of lime and vanilla 80%
My first hit 20%

Cresco Vegas Disposable Pen

Vegas is part of Cresco’s “Good News” line of vapes. It’s one of two Sativa strains in the line, the other being the Friyay pen. Cresco made their Good News line with portability in mind – vaping on-the-go by recreational users is the main idea for the creation of the line. Vegas features a Sativa strain with 82.4 % THC.

Appearance 4/5
The flashy packaging of the Vegas pen perfectly reflects the 60s/70s vibe of Las Vegas. The vinyl pouch is a metallic gold with bold black lettering, and the pen inside follows the same color scheme and is covered with the word “Vegas.” There’s an indicator light at the end to let the user know when they’re taking a drag from the pen. My only complaint with these pens is that the chamber isn’t visible so I can never be sure how much product is left – or how much product is actually in the pen before it’s been used.

Aroma 3/5
This pen barely emits a smell, even when in use. When not in use, there’s surprisingly no scent to the pen at all, which is kind of rare for disposables – I’ve almost always been able to smell something. When in use, the vapor smells lightly sweet, with notes of mint and vanilla. This is product would be a decent candidate for stealth vaping since the scent is light, but it does produce a thick cloud of vapor even when I take a small hit.

Taste 4/5
Cresco’s Vegas produces the strangest flavor I’ve had with a pen. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At times, I felt that the dominant flavor was a mixture of lime and vanilla, but at other times it tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Overall, this pen has a sweet flavor, and I barely noticed any cannabis flavor at all.

Effect 1/5
To be completely frank, this is the worst pen I’ve ever used in terms of effect. My first hit left me feeling disoriented, confused and just generally brought my mood down. I continued to give this pen a try for over a week, and the effects were equally bad, the worst of them being a pretty wicked headache. I thought this pen would grow on me, but I’m throwing it away while knowing it’s still mostly full.

Product price: $45

including tax

I would not recommend this product at all. The aroma and flavor were fine, but the effect was awful for me. I’ve had other products in the Good News line, though, and they had pleasant effects and I would probably buy them again.

While this product was a miss for me, I’ll be heading back to MedMen soon to find a better alternative for a disposable. Their ever-changing product line ensures that every user is sure to find something they like on their visit. Whether I’m looking for a great vape or a delicious edible, their varied menu is the first one I’ll be checking out.

Address:1132 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 6301
Phone number:(708) 665-3143
Mon-Sun 10am – 7pm

MedMen is a chain of dispensaries operating throughout the U.S. In the Chicago area, they have locations in Oak Park and Evanston, just minutes from the city. MedMen is one of my go-to dispensaries simply due to the variety of products that they have available – they always have something that I’m curious to try.

User's Reviews:

Love this pen!!!

Rated 5 out of 5
May 18, 2021

Has zero after taste. Just very mild but hits smoothly. Doesn’t hunker you down or make you pass out. Can very much enjoy my time out while really enjoying that high. Mellows anxiety nicely but still feel like engaging. It did quit working after a few times, held on to it & it randomly started working again. My favorite so far.


Good News Vegas v ape will not work.

Rated 1 out of 5
November 25, 2020

Got 2-3 hits off of it and it stopped working. What is my recourse?

thomas Rogawski

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