PTS Cronuts #4 Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: Cronuts #4 Disposable Pen

Producer: PTS

Contributor: Benjamin Knope



The pen itself is incredibly light 100%
Mellow herbal aroma 100%
Zesty, fresh flavor 100%
Elevated mood and a little buzz 80%

PTS Cronuts #4 Disposable Pen
The pen contains 300mg of PTS’ premium live resin, with 67.45% THC, .29% THCA and .16% CBD. The strain is especially loved for its pain-relieving properties, and is a favorite especially among med patients, reflecting the PTS commitment to provide quality relief to users with a variety of medical conditions.

Appearance 5/5
Cronuts #4 is a sativa which PTS designates by using a pink-dominated color scheme, reflected by their logo on the pen as well as the branded sticker on the packaging. The pen itself is incredibly light, which makes it convenient for discrete, on the go use. The light at the end of the pen glows pink when in use. I also appreciate that there’s very little headspace in the chamber – it looks completely full.

Aroma 5/5
I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I opened this pen, but I was pleasantly surprised at the mellow herbal aromas that came from the pen even when not in use. It wasn’t a scent that was overpowering though, so it would be fine for users who need an option for stealth vaping. I can smell a smooth mint aroma and am excited to see how this translates to the flavor of the vapor.

Taste 5/5
This vape has a zesty, fresh flavor that really sets it apart from other vapes I’ve tried. I get flavor on the inhale and exhale. The taste is very herbal, dominated by an uplifting mint flavor. My mouth felt clean after every hit. I loved this refreshing flavor.

Effect 4/5
A few hits of this pen truly elevated my mood and gave my whole body a little buzz. It’s a pretty clean head high that allowed me to maintain focus on what I was doing, but made everything just that much more pleasant. I got no paranoia or any bad vibes at all even after taking several successive hits. Effects last about an hour. I experienced a little bit of dry mouth from this pen, and a moderate increase in appetite.

Product price: $55 including tax


I highly recommend this product to all users looking for a great sativa that can be enjoyed on the go. This pen would be perfect for wake and bake sessions, which is probably what I’ll use it for since I didn’t feel out of control or non-functional. It’s a great pen that I’ll use when I need a little extra boost to get going in the morning or throughout the day. I’d recommend this for any user who wants a quick way to elevate mood, get creative or maintain focus. I could also see this being used for pain relief.

I’ve found that PTS never disappoints. As far as their concentrate products go, I feel that PTS vapes have consistently produced a clean high, and their use of flavor is really second to none. The Cronuts #4 Disposable is a potent product that delivers a steady, uplifting high. I’ll definitely head back to MedMen to try other products from the PTS line, and to make use of their generous discount.

Address: 1132 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 6301
Phone number: (708) 665-3143
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 7pm

MedMen has two locations in Illinois – one in downtown Oak Park and the other in Evanston. For users looking for a wide variety of quality cannabis products, including flower, edibles and distillate products, it’s hard to find another shop that offers such a range of options.

As an added bonus, users who sign up for MedMen’s email newsletter get 10% off their next purchase at the dispensary. Discounts on weed are kind of hard to come by so I will definitely be taking advantage of the promo on my next visit.

1132 Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois

User's Reviews:

Cronuts yeah

February 23, 2021

I have had the pill form and I didn’t know it helped with stomach issues which I was having. Able to eat hours later. The pen form isn’t effective that same way but is still very 👍

Troy p

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