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Most vapers don’t give herb grinders the importance that they deserve. Not knowing how essential they are in upkeeping the quality of the vaping sessions, users usually overlook these gadgets and use their fingers to shred the plant. What they don’t realize is that when sensitive trichomes come in contact with the skin, they stick, and the plants lose their overall potency. You might have already noticed tiny pollen clinging to your fingers right after you have done shredding manually. So, having a dry herb grinder is critical to preserve the maximum flavor of the weed. In this article, we have mentioned everything you need to know about these grinders, why you need them, and which ones are the best.

What Is A Dry Herb Grinder?

A dry herb grinder, as the name suggests, is a compact gadget, designed to grind the herbs. Inside several sharp teeth are present, which when turned pulverize the material inside. It gives you fine powdered herbs which are easier to load in your vape device.
They come in various shapes, sizes, and build material, giving you a myriad of options to choose from. However, smaller models having a metal body are usually preferred, considering the fact that they are efficient in what they do.

Types of Herb Grinder

  • 2-piece — A 2-piece dry herb grinder contains only two parts: the lid and the bottom part having teeth. It is an ideal option for those who prefer portability on anything
  • 3-piece — Unlike 2-piece, this model carries a filter screen to separate out pollen. However, it doesn’t have a compartment to collect those pollens, for which you would need a separate surface to empty.
  • 4-piece — Undoubtedly, they are the best in terms of functionality. They not only grind the herb but also filter the pollen on different micron levels. Plus, they come with a bottom compartment to catch kief.

Manual vs Electrical

It isn’t easy to choose one, especially when both give out a number of benefits. You grind the herbs by turning the lid in manual devices, whereas the system is automatic for electrical grinders. The latter wins for being convenient and easy to use.

Of course, electric grinders run on built-in batteries, and can only provide so many runs. Manual devices, on the other hand, provide infinite grinding services, depending on the quality of the device. One of the best herb grinders is known to last for many years.

In terms of portability, manual grinders take the upper hand, given the fact that they also come in 2-piece models, which are highly compact. On the opposite, electrical ones need a separate compartment for the battery storage, so they are ultimately heftier when compared to others. Also, electric ones are pricey and may not be everyone’s cup of it.
On the whole, we can say that in terms of portability, affordability, and durability the manual dry herb grinders take the lead. But when you talk about performance and convenience, there is no parallel to electric herb grinders.

Why Should You Use A Dry Herb Grinder?

  • Enhanced Flavor
    What goes into the heating chamber of the vaporizer drives the flavor. The better the fuel, the better will be the flavor, for which you need even heating. But when you load the device with bigger chunks, the heating element unevenly heats the surface, giving rise to inconsistent flavor. And if the unevenness gets out of hand, you will start getting a burnt sensation in the throat. Here you a dry herb grinder can help you out to convert the weed into finely shredded paces, so that heat is absorbed evenly by the plant.
  • More Potency
    When you shred the flowers using your fingers you hastily lose precious trichomes which are the storehouse of potency. Contrarily, grinding in a dry herb grinder helps you preserve the original potency of the plant, allowing you to have an optimum experience.
  • Reduce Wastage
    As discussed earlier, using your fingers to shred the plant creates a mess. And during that, you lose the precious trichomes. Remember every pollen matter and contributes to making the flavor better. So, avoid manhandling the plant and use grinders to reduce the wastage.
  • Convivence
    Shredding the herbs using your fingers every time you crave your vaporizer sounds troublesome. Plus, the process is pretty time-consuming in comparison to using a dry herb grinder. It can bring ease to your life by providing you an easier alternative to shred and gather the powdered flowers. Don’t forget that a dry herb grinder isn’t just convenience but also does the job more efficiently.
    Imagine you are traveling somewhere and a sudden urge to vape hits you. But you don’t have shredded weed with you. It would be impractical to prepare the plant while you are on the go. And a little mistake can end up in a huge mess.
  • Better Filtration
    Start using herb grinders as they come with separate compartments to filter out the pollen. Electric ones use a built-in vibration mechanism to gather every single particle in the same place. Some of them also come with filter screens having varying sizes to separate out different types of pollens.
  • Huge Clouds
    Shredded herbs have more of their surface area exposed to the heating element than the bigger chunks. When this happens, more weed particles participate in the vaporization and release in the form of bigger and more flavorful clouds. You would notice that it isn’t just the size that has increased but also the aroma, taking your vaping to the next level.

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