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There aren’t many vapes that reach the heights of popularity as fast as Stonesmith Slash pen vaporizer. Manufactured by one of the leading names in the industry, this masterpiece carries some interesting features that will surely take your vaping experience to the next level. It is packed with enough qualities to compete with the giants of the industry. What are those qualities? What sets the device apart from its rivals? And why will it be a good addition to your blooming vape collection? Read on to find out.

Appearance — Deciphering the first look  

Clearly, appearances can be deceiving, especially in the case of Stonesmith Slash pen. In a single glance, nobody could ever tell how efficient this device is because it looks ordinary. Plus, there is no flashy display or an array of controls but rather just a single button along with a few LEDs are embedded, making it an ideal choice for individuals who seek simplicity.

Design and Build

The magnetic mouthpiece is one example of smart engineering you can find on this device. Even though the connection is completely magnetic, it doesn’t come off that easily. The cap remains in place which prevents accidental spillage. Compared with issues of threaded caps, Stonesmith Slash pen mouthpiece is an absolute relief.
Another example would be the built-in loading tool. It makes the fueling process many times easier since you wouldn’t have to look for your separate tool every time you are craving for a puff.

Moreover, holding the device is hands feel smooth and solid due to its manufacturing material — zinc-alloy. No matter how many times it slips and falls on the ground, it is tough enough to withstand the impacts. On the whole, it is sturdy, durable, and gives out great experience for both the beginners and the advanced users.


  • Compatibility: concentrates
  • Battery life indicating LEDs
  • Battery power: 1000mAh
  • Anti-leak and sturdy design
  • Thread-less Magnetic cap
  • Unique and smooth airflow path
  • Built-in loading tool
  • Easy to clean and disassemble
  • Ceramic heating bowl
  • Temperature levels: three (low, medium, and high)
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Six compartments of silicone dab container
  • USB type C charging

Temperature Flexibility

Stonesmith Slash pen vaporizer is outfitted with three variable voltage settings — low, medium, and high — for all purposes and intents. Each heat level gives out a certain strength and flavor of the vapors. For instance, the lowest settings are for a smoother and more consistent flavor. Whereas the higher ones are for hard hitters.

As we discussed earlier, there is no display in this device, so how will you keep track of the heat levels? The manufacturers have thrown in a creative solution — color coding. It means each heat level is given a unique color to indicate on the LEDs. Blue for low, green for medium, and red for high-temperature level.

Battery Life

The performance isn’t as up to the par as you might have initially anticipated. Even though it carries a strong power source of 1100mAh, it doesn’t last for a whole day. Whereas we can see vaporizers within the same price tags providing a long battery span. However, it still manages to store charge for about a dozen vape sessions.

The manufacturers have put the LEDs to creative use again as they also indicate the battery percentage. It makes it easier to keep an eye on the battery while enjoying the flavorful vapors. Here is how the Stonesmith Slash pen vape exhibits the battery percentage:

  • 90% to 100% — three solid LEDs
  • 60% to 90% — Two solid LEDs and one blinking
  • 30% to 60% — one solid LED and second blinking

Below 30% — one LED blinking continuously
To compensate for the relatively poor battery performance, the company has used fast USB charging for this device.

Easy to Clean

Wax being liquid at high temperature gets into tiny places and air paths in your vaporizer. When it cools down, the matter solidifies and clogs the system. This is one of the most prevalent problems with wax vaporizers. Since Stonesmith’s parts can be effortlessly disassembled, it can easily be cleaned with minimum hassle.

Unique Airflow Paths

The airflow pathways are another example of its smart manufacturing. They are made to always keep the air flowing while minimizing the possibility of clogging. It wouldn’t; be inaccurate to assume that this device is actually leak-proof.
Another purpose of the unique airflow is to enhance the flavor multiple times. Just before the vapors are released, they circulate in the tip for a while. This maneuver may not seem much, but it considerably intensifies the flavor.

Coil-less Ceramic Bowl

The smooth and consistent flavor is dependent on how the heat is distributed in the heating chamber. The uneven distribution will unleash hellish temperatures on the concentrates, which gives out a burnt taste. If you have ever felt that in your throat, then it is probably because of the heat distribution malfunction. But Stonesmith Slash pen vaporizer carries a coil-less ceramic bowl, made to heat the fuel evenly in every condition. This allows you to enjoy flavorsome outcomes on all temperature levels.

What’s in The Box?

  • 1 x Stone Smiths’ Slash Vaporizer Kit
  • 1 x Extra loading tool along with silicone attachments
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Extra Silicone Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Silicone concentrate container


  • The temperature profile is great.
  • The design elements ensure convenience.
  • The body is incredibly durable.
  • The flavor is amazing.


  • The battery life isn’t as good as the vapes of the same price category.

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