PTS Gobstopper Disposable Pen

Strain: Gobstopper Disposable Pen

Producer: PTS

Contributor: Karma Goldin



The oil is a nice golden color and moves slowly through the chamber 100%
Light berry smell 80%
Berry flavor 60%
Relaxing effects 100%

PTS Gobstopper Disposable Pen
PTS markets their disposables as “The Pure Pen” since they feature 100% medical grade cannabis oil and terpenes. PTS’ Gobstopper Disposable is part of the brand’s Wonka Series. Gobstopper is a cross of Purple Urkle and Sin City Kush, characterized by a sweet, berry flavor. This 300mg disposable contains 62.62% THC, .31% THCA and .15% CBD.

Appearance 5/5
I like the PTS disposable packaging – it’s clean and modern, and presents as a professional product. There isn’t a ton of product information on the packaging, other than basic lab testing information and a quality guarantee. The pen itself is incredibly light, making it a great product to enjoy while I’m on the go. The oil is a nice golden color and moves slowly through the chamber, I can tell it’s quality oil.

Aroma 4/5
When the pen isn’t in use, I get some hints of a berry aroma. The vapor has a light berry smell – it’s pleasant and light and would be a good candidate for users looking for a stealth vaping product. It’s not overly sweet, which I like.

Taste 3/5
The berry aroma translated pretty well to the flavor of the Gobstopper pen. I could taste the berry flavor on the inhale, but especially on the exhale. There was a harshness to this pen that was kind of surprising. It burned a little and wasn’t too pleasant when I took a deep pull from the pen.

Effect 5/5
One good pull from this pen is all it took for me to start feeling the relaxing effects of Gobstopper. It’s calming, but not completely sedating. This pen put me in a fantastic mood without sacrificing functionality. I felt a great sense of calm, but also a more intense focus and appreciation of what I was doing. Total contentment and relief of minor aches and pains, all without any paranoia or distractions.


This is a great Indica that would be an excellent remedy to users who are looking for pain relief. I could truly feel the relaxation throughout my body – excellent for taking care of any chronic pains. I would highly recommend this pen, as well as many others from the PTS brand. This pen would be fine for both daytime and nighttime use as I didn’t feel especially drowsy or non-functional.
I love PTS pens. Every single one has been a complete hit so far in terms of both flavor and potency. Given the price of disposables, I want them to work and I want them to have noticeable effects, and Gobstopper doesn’t disappoint. I’ll be looking forward to heading back to MedMen whenever they get great products like this in stock.

Address: 1132 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 6301
Phone number: (708) 665-3143
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 7pm

Something I love about MedMen is that they take the time to make every customer experience a great one. After receiving a defective pen, I made a call to the store manager who was willing to fix the problem quickly – I was able to get the pen I wanted, as well as a coupon for a future order. I appreciate the time and care that the staff at MedMen put into each customer experience.

1132 Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois

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