Rythm L’Orange Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: Rythm L’Orange Disposable Pen 300mg

Producer: GTI - Rythm

Contributor: David DuBois



The pen is lightweight and easy to take and enjoy on the go 100%
Pungent citrus notes 80%
Strong hint of orange 100%
Improvement in overall mood 80%

Rythm L’Orange Disposable Pen
Rythm is a subsidiary of GTI, one of Illinois’ premiere cannabis cultivators. Their disposable vapes are almost ubiquitous throughout the dispensaries in Illinois, and their variety is huge, from classic strains like Durban Poison, as well as new favorites like, Island Lime Haze. The L’Orange strain is known for its energy-enhancing properties, giving users a strong high that doesn’t hinder the user’s sense of alertness. The L’Orange disposable pen contains .330g usable cannabis with 72.73% THC and .17% CBD.

Appearance 5/5
Rythm disposables come in a little vinyl sleeve with a zipper enclosure. Sativa products make up Rythm’s “Energize” product line, and they all feature that bright acid yellow color so they’re easy to identify. The pen is lightweight and easy to take and enjoy on the go. There’s a little headspace in the chamber, but not too much, and the oil is a deep copper color with a high viscosity. I can tell it’s quality oil and everything looks good.

Aroma 4/5
I expect L’Orange to have a citrusy scent, and after opening the package I enjoy the rich aromas that characterize Rythm disposables as a whole. Limonene and Caryophyllene give the scent pungent citrus notes that accurately reflect the name of the pen. Overall, the aroma is dominated by the pure scents of cannabis combined with the mellow orange-citrus.

Taste 5/5
The L’Orange disposable doesn’t disappoint in terms of flavor. The vapor from this pen is pretty dense, it burns the lungs a little bit, but this is kind of typical of Rythm pens. The overall flavor is that of cannabis, with a pretty strong hint of orange that shows up especially on the exhale. It’s a nice flavor, and I don’t mind the slight burn in exchange for the potency.

Effect 4/5
Rythm has a good track record for products that are potent in effect, and L’Orange is no different. Even after the first hit, I felt a wave of clean energy as well as an improvement in my overall mood. I found that a hit in the afternoon or early evening is great for pushing me through the day without sacrificing my functionality at all. It’s a sativa that is also just fine for nighttime use – it wasn’t an out of control energy burst but more of a gentle increase.

I’d highly recommend this pen to new and experienced cannabis users alike, and especially to users who love their sativas. This is a great pen that packs a powerful punch, especially ideal for daytime use. I could see a lot of users enjoying this pen for its uplifting effects and boosts of clean energy throughout the day. Excellent for enhancing mood and stimulating the appetite and creativity, without any of the overexcitement that can sometimes come with sativa products.
After trying L’Orange, as well as other products from the Rythm line, it’s clear that they produce a quality product that highlights natural terpenes and emphasizes potency. My only complaint with Rythm is that the battery tends to go out before the product is completely used. Aside from that, I really enjoy the different effects that pens by Rythm deliver, and will be checking back with NuEra to pick up new strains as they become available.

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It goes without saying by now that CoVid-19 has dramatically changed operations for businesses across the entire range of industries. With conditions constantly evolving, NuEra has been able to meet the demand for medical and recreational users in Chicago without sacrificing the health and safety of customers and employees.

A recent change that’s great for medical patients is that NuEra allows designated caregivers to pick up orders for medical patients with compromised immune systems. An IDFPR form must be filled out by the caregiver and the ward. Once approved by the state, the caregiver may pick up medicinal cannabis for their ward. I think this is a great idea that makes cannabis more accessible to those who need it most.

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