Joos Super Silver Haze Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: Joos Super Silver Haze Disposable Pen 300mg

Producer: : Joos – Nature’s Grace and Wellness

Contributor: Benjamin Knope



It’s weighty, and with a metal mouthpiece 100%
Spicy aroma 80%
Spicy and peppery 80%
Elevation in mood 80%

Joos Super Silver Haze Disposable Pen
Joos is Nature’s Grace and Wellness’ line of disposables. Their disposables can be found at most med and rec dispensaries throughout Illinois, and users have a very wide variety of strains to choose from. Super Silver Haze is a Sativa – a cross between Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. Terpene profile includes Terpinolene and Beta-Caryophyllene, which give the strain its characteristically spicy scent and flavor profile.

Appearance 5/5
Joos’ packaging is modern and attractive, in my opinion. The pen comes in a vinyl sleeve that allows you to see the product inside. On the back is all the lab testing and strain information. When I open the sleeve, I immediately notice the quality of the pen – it’s weighty, and with a metal mouthpiece, it seems better-made and more substantial than most of the other disposables that are available. Overall, it looks like a high-quality product.

Aroma 4/5
Even when the pen isn’t in use, it gives off a spicy aroma. That doesn’t mean that this pen isn’t good for stealth vaping – the scent is very mellow, even when exhaling after a deep hit. There’s a slight fruitiness that moderates the spiciness, giving the vapor a very smooth flavor and a clean feeling on the exhale.

Taste 4/5
Super Silver Haze has an interesting, pleasant flavor. On the inhale, I get a little bit of a fruity flavor, but the dominating notes are spicy and peppery. The flavor is very clean on the exhale, with no aftertaste. Overall, it’s a very smooth pen, and I’d characterize the taste as predominantly spicy.

Effect 4/5
It took about two minutes for this product to hit in terms of effect, and what I felt was an immediate elevation in mood, but this was very controlled and gradually. As a result, I never felt any paranoia while using this product. Effects lasted around one hour, and I felt uplifted. Side effects include pretty significant dry mouth, however.

Even though I wouldn’t rank this product as one of my absolute favorites, I’d still definitely recommend this product to any user who’s looking for a quality Sativa vape. This strain is great to use throughout the day – even after a few hits, I felt the uplifting effects while also remaining functional. Something I also appreciate about the Joos brand is that it is long lasting, and I completely get my money’s worth. The rechargeable battery allows me to fully enjoy all of the product in the pen. This isn’t always the case with other brands, which often die before all of the product is used, leaving much of it wasted.
Joos is a great brand that makes a quality product. I’ll be checking NuEra again soon for other strains as they become available. Joos has an ever-expanding disposable line, each with their own unique qualities, and I’ve enjoyed the subtle differences that each strain provides.

Address: 1308 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60642
Phone number: (773) 687-8480
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11am-6pm
Recreational Users Check Website for Open Days/Times

NuEra is becoming one of my favorite places to purchase nature’s medicine. They have successfully adapted to the challenges of conducting business during a global pandemic, encouraging med users to pre-order online and requiring rec users to do the same. This significantly reduces congestion within the store – on this visit, I only had to wait a few minutes to be seen, and I was alone in the waiting area in order to comply with social distancing guidelines. I’m pleased to see that NuEra takes the health of its customers and employees very seriously.

1308 West North Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

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