New Study Suggests

Seniors study aims to find out if medical cannabis can ease common ailments of aging


Source: Mike Walker can no longer have a simple conversation with his wife. It was just four years ago, at the young age of 52, when Karen was originally diagnosed with dementia. She no longer speaks, and also suffers from agitation and physical outbursts with aggression, which can be common with the disease. Read… Read More »

Tell Congress Not To Allow Trump To Roll Back Medical Marijuana Protections

An In-Depth Look At The Life Of A “Weed Mom”

Source: It’s been three years and counting but President Trump is once again threatening to derail the progress we’ve made in reforming marijuana laws across this country. The latest offense is his recently released 2021 federal budget proposes slashing all legal protection. Read the rest on cannabis industry latest news, Cannabis News, Cannabis… Read More »

Billy Caldwell medicinal cannabis battle secures major breakthrough in High Court


Source: The mother of a severely epileptic boy has secured a major breakthrough in her High Court battle to obtain medicinal cannabis for him on the NHS. A judge was told today that a London-based paediatric neurologist is prepared to write the prescription for Co Tyrone teenager Billy Caldwell. Read the rest on cannabis… Read More »

What Does “Sinsemilla” Mean and Where Does the Weed Slang Come From?

An In-Depth Look At The Life Of A “Weed Mom”

Source: To hear some speak of “sinsemilla,” you’d think they were discussing the lost city of gold. Though people have searched high and low for sweet sinsemilla flowers for decades, many remain confused about what, precisely, the term describes. Unlike El Dorado, however, sinsemilla is no myth. Read the rest on Cannabis News, Cannabis… Read More »

Women Like Weed More Than Men Do, New Study Suggests


Source: An intriguing new research study suggests that a genetic variation could cause a small percentage of young women to have a higher risk of becoming dependent on weed than men. The study, published in Science Advances this week, found that….. Read the rest on Cannabis, cannabis industry latest news, cannabis latest news,… Read More »

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