Rythm Stardust OG Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: Indica

Producer: Rythm

Contributor: Karma Goldin



It’s a quality pen 100%
The aroma isn’t bad, but it’s very strong 100%
Combined with just a hint of flavor from terpenes 100%
I felt a pleasant mental buzz 80%

Rythm is a national cannabis brand specializing in disposables that allow users to enjoy quality cannabis on-the-go. They categorize their disposables in terms of the feeling or emotion provided by the product, and is typically seen as a Hybrid, but Rythm markets Stardust OG in their “Relax” line of Indicas. Stardust OG is an Indica that’s known for soothing relaxation, giving users a nice body buzz. The Stardust OG Disposable contains 70.770% THC.

Appearance 5/5
Rythm pens come in a resealable vinyl sleeve with product information, including all quality testing results, printed on front and back. The Stardust OG disposable is part of Rythm’s “Relax” line of Indicas, which is reflected in the blue color of the packaging and the blue indicator light that shows when the pen is in use. I notice that this pen is completely full and the oil is a rich copper color. It’s a quality pen.

Aroma 5/5
The Stardust OG Disposable gives off the pure smells of cannabis with a little bit of a berry scent. Overall, though, Stardust OG is super skunky. The aroma isn’t bad, but it’s very strong. Not only does it smell too strongly to be a good candidate for stealth vaping, I could constantly smell it even while just carrying it around.

Taste 5/5
The taste of this vape isn’t nearly as strong or sharp as the aroma it produces. Rythm pens generally taste about the same, with pure cannabis flavors combined with just a hint of flavor from terpenes. The vapor is very smooth – there’s no harshness at all, allowing me to enjoy full, deep hits.

Effect 4/5
A few hits of Stardust OG and I could feel the stress of the day leaving my mind. I felt a pleasant mental buzz, but not too much of a body high. Overall, this pen was great for relaxing at the end of the day, taking away feelings of stress and anxiety and allowing me to simply enjoy my surroundings. I didn’t exactly feel a body buzz, but I definitely relaxed mentally. Effects last about 45 minutes.

Product price: $55 including tax

I’d highly recommend this pen to new and experienced cannabis users, and especially for those who love the soothing effects of a gentle Indica. This is a great pen to enjoy during a relaxing night in. As the weather starts getting cooler here in Chicago, something like this will be great for enjoying movie nights or plenty of other relaxing indoor activities. This vape would be a great product for stress or insomnia relief and possibly pain relief, as well.

Disposables can be pretty hit or miss in terms of quality – a common complaint of mine is that the hits aren’t potent and the battery often dies before I’ve consumed all the oil. The effects of this pen are potent and pleasant, and I knew I was getting my money’s worth.

This product, like others in the Rythm line, worked great the whole time and allowed me to enjoy all of the oil before the battery ran out. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to try a new Rythm pen, and with the new stock available at MedMen Oak Park I’ll be checking back soon to check out the other great strains.

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I appreciate MedMen for several reasons, but most of all I love the ease of the pick-up process at the store. Typically, I’m in and out of the store within just a few minutes. MedMen never sacrifices service for efficiency, though. I always leave satisfied by the experience, especially because I haven’t had any technical issues with any of the products I’ve purchased.

1132 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 6301

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