PTS Sweet ReLeaf Crush Tutti Frutti Gum

Strain: Sweet ReLeaf Crush Tutti Frutti Gum

Producer: PTS

Contributor: Benjamin Knope



Pale pink and round 100%
Tutti-frutti 80%
Bubblegum taste 40%
Very light high 60%

PTS Sweet ReLeaf Crush Tutti Frutti Gum
Cannabis gum works with your sublingual pathway, which means that the gum is slowly broken down to release active cannabinoids as you chew it. It allows users to accurately dose to meet their needs, since sublingual delivery of cannabinoids provides a slow release that gives the user longer-lasting relief as compared to other delivery methods. Each piece of PTS Sweet ReLeaf Crush Tutti Frutti Gum contains 10mg THC. PTS claims that this makes this a fast-acting edible so I’ll be paying close attention to the time it takes for this to kick in.

Appearance 5/5
PTS Sweet ReLeaf gum comes in a little pill bottle. The label contains all the ingredients that have gone into the product, as well as lab testing information. The gum pieces are pale pink, round and they’re all very equal in size, with no markings on the pieces. Everything looks nice, though, and the gum is definitely fresh.

Aroma 4/5
As I took the lid off the container, I started noticing the sweet smell of bubble gum. No hint of cannabis at all with this product. I wouldn’t necessarily call the smell “tutti-frutti, ” it’s more of just a typical bubble gum aroma. It’s a pleasant smell, pretty much what I expected from this product.

Taste 2/5
This gum has that typical “gumball machine” flavor that I remember as a kid. It’s got that texture, too. The gum has a hard, chalky outer layer which is where all the flavor is. As I crunch through the layer, I get no cannabis flavors at all, just a typical bubblegum taste – nothing really remarkable. I’m taking a few points away because the flavor is gone within seconds.

Effect 3/5
I chewed three pieces of the gum for several minutes – well after the taste had gone away. It took about forty-five minutes for any noticeable effect, and it was a very light high at that. I could feel my mood improving slightly, but I didn’t feel much of a body high at all. I feel like I’d probably need to use about half of the product in one sitting to feel any moderate effects. For me, this product wasn’t very potent, especially when price is considered. I do think that this was a fast-acting edible compared with other options.


I would hesitate to recommend PTS’ Sweet ReLeaf gum just because of the lack of intense effect – a little bit does not go a long way, in this case. For users looking for an edible that’s a little different from the typical chocolates and gummies, this might be something to try for a change. It would probably be a good product to enjoy during the day for a tiny bit of a buzz or a little mood booster – it’s something that can be enjoyed completely discretely and won’t affect functionality.
While PTS’ Sweet ReLeaf gum isn’t my favorite edible by any means, it was definitely interesting trying a completely new edible for me. I’ve had several products from PTS that are potent and effective, this just wasn’t the product for me. I’ll for sure be heading back to MedMen soon, though, to check out the constantly rotating stock of interesting, unique edibles.

Address: 1132 Lake St. Oak Park, IL 6301
Phone number: (708) 665-3143
Hours: Mon-Sun 10am – 7pm

MedMen is a chain of dispensaries based in California. During this pandemic, they’ve dedicated themselves to providing the best in medicinal cannabis for both medical and adult-use customers. They’re wide ranging menu is sure to please everyone from first-time to seasoned cannabis users.

MedMen is being responsible during the Covid-19 situation by reducing the amount of time customers need to be in the store. All adult-use customers must preorder on Leafly, then orders must be picked up before the end of the day. This made my experience much easier and safer, as I was actually the only person in the store during my visit.

1132 Lake Street, Oak Park, Illinois

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