What to Look For In Inexpensive Vaporizers? | Finding A Cheap Deal

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Vapes come in a range of price tags — from a couple of bucks to a few hundred dollars. And it is no brainer that the more you invest, the better quality you will find. But it gets confusing when you have a tight budget, considering the sheer amount of options present in the market. You need to do your homework before you step into the market. That said, here we have rounded up a small guide to help you find the cheapest deal so that you won’t waste money on the wrong gadget. Ss, let’s get started.

Know Your Budget

The first step would be to determine a budget range, for which you need to know the price spectrum of the industry. For instance, the cheapest option starts from portable pen-style vaporizers that you can get in the minimum range of $20 to $60 on various sites like vapocorner.com. Although high-end portable vapes may cost hundreds of bucks, we are only focusing on the cheaper end.

If you are willing to invest a little more than that, you will like what the middle range — $70 to $200 — has to offer. You can find more customizability, better build quality, and long-lasting batteries. A double-figured price will also take you to desktop vaporizers.

What to Look for In an Inexpensive Vaporizer?

Being cheap doesn’t imply that the quality will be lower than the market standards. There are tons of quality vapes that you can find in the aforesaid price range. Here are a few things that you should look for while choosing a cheap vaporizer.

  • Portability 

It would be accurate to categorize vaporizers in two classes based on their appearance — portable pen vaporizers and desktop vaporizers. Which category gives out cheaper deals? Needless to say, you can find incredibly inexpensive pen vaporizers, but not many desktop vaporizers in the same price range. That is obvious, considering the difference in their size, functionality, and purposes.

However, if you are exclusively looking for desktop vaporizers, then you should go for the compact devices in that category such as Volcano classic vaporizer. You can check this out on our online platform; vapocorner along with many other eye-catching options.

  • Conduction or Convection?

Conduction refers to the heating style in which the heating element is in direct contact with the herbs or concentrates. It is a risky process, which increases the chances of burning the substance in the oven.

On the other hand, during convection hot air revolves to extract the vapors instead of direct heat. This method is much safer, but sadly more expensive. Conduction technology is older and therefore cheaper than the modern convection vapes.

  • Temperature Controls

Agreeably, the more temperature flexibility the vape gives, the better will be the performance. And the same goes for the price. But how many temperature settings are sufficient at a bare minimum? At least three settings — low, medium, and high — should be there no matter which type of vape you are intending to purchase. These variable voltage options are necessary for the optimum vaping experience. And surviving without at least three settings would be difficult.

  • Battery Life

That is where you will get disappointed the most, given the fact that portable vapes cannot carry huge batteries. Within the lower side of the price spectrum, the battery life will not be more than a few hours. It may be enough for a beginner, but certainly not for an advanced user. If you are willing to go higher with the price, you should try palm-sized vape devices as they usually carry bigger batteries having the ability to store charge for more than a day.

Tips for Finding Cheap Vape Deals

  • Find A Trustworthy Site

Out of innumerable shopping platforms, always select reputable sources such as vapocorner to make purchases. It will not only reduce your chances of getting scammed, but you will also find some promising vape deals. Vapocorner prides itself on providing the best cheap deals for its vaporizers and accessories, making it a reliable source of shopping.

  • Use the Sale Season To The Fullest

There is no better day to purchase than Black Friday. You can find the vape of your dreams at half the price, which is insane. So, don’t forget to avail of this opportunity in the upcoming sale season.

In addition to that, the cannabis community celebrates its own holidays on 4/20 and 7/10. Numerous sellers along with vapocorner put up impressive deals on most of their stock to celebrate, giving you an opportunity to save some extra money.

  • Get A Discount Coupon

Participates in events, competitions, and sponsored occasions where the vape brands have invested to get free discount coupons. It is a code that you use while checking out to get a percentage discount on your digital shopping cart.

  • Beware of Shopping Charges

It’s frustrating when even if you have managed to get a discount, the shipping charges cost half the price of the product. Therefore, before making a decision, make sure there are no hidden shipping charges in the deal. Luckily, you would not face this issue with vapocorner as their policies are quite transparent to the customers.

  • Compromise on The Features

Stop building castles in the sky and be realistic about what you can get in the budget. Otherwise, you will never be able to come up with a decision. If you are on a tight budget, compromising on some of the features would be a wise call.

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