PTS Purple Thai Disposable Pen 300mg

Strain: PTS Purple Thai Disposable Pen 300mg

Producer: Verano

Contributor: Karma Goldin



The oil is a rich copper color 80%
Pungent aroma coming from the pen 100%
Purple Thai has an interesting taste 80%
Instantly improve mood 100%

Purple Thai is a Sativa-dominant cross of Oaxacan Gold and Chocolate Thai. It’s known for its uplifting effects – a classic Sativa feeling. The Purple Thai Disposable Pen by PTS provides 300mg of high-quality cannabis oil with 68.5% THC, .23% THCA and .16% THC. PTS is an Illinois-based cannabis company that is women owned and operated. They take particular pride in cultivating the terpene profiles in their products. With their Purple Thai disposable, users should notice woody Nerolidol, the citrus notes of Limonene and some spiciness from Beta-Caryophyllene.

Appearance 4/5
I liked the packaging of this pen – its design is pretty minimal but there’s an interesting color scheme. The back of the package contains all the lab and testing information about the product. The pen itself is very small and light, which makes this a great product to enjoy on the go. Inside the chamber, I notice first that the oil is a rich copper color, and I also see that there’s very little headspace in the chamber. Everything looks good.

Aroma 5/5
As soon as I ripped this package open, I noticed a very pleasant, pungent aroma coming from the pen. I was immediately excited to get a feel of the flavor and taste of this pen, since the Purple Thai strain is entirely new to me. I mostly got the pungent woody notes and a bit of spiciness. It’s a nice mellow spiciness.

Taste 4/5
Purple Thai has an interesting taste that’s a little different from what I was expecting when I first got hints of the aroma of the pen. I got the woodsy, pungent spiciness on the inhale, but exhaling brings a strong, almost chemical-like citrus flavor. It wasn’t a horrible flavor, but it was pretty sharp.

Effect 5/5
Sativa strains aren’t usually what I gravitate towards – I’m an Indica person – but I was interested to try this product, since I’d never tried a disposable from the PTS brand before. I was surprised at how much I really began to like this pen as I began to appreciate how a few hits could instantly improve my mood. Three or four deep hits instantly makes me feel more alert, more interested and content overall. Sativa strains tend to make me feel a little off, sometimes a little paranoid, but this product didn’t do that at all. Effects start to taper off around an hour after use.

Product price: $55 including tax

This is a great product for any user looking for an all-around excellent Sativa. I really appreciated how even the high from this pen is – I could use it during the day without sacrificing any functionality and without getting distracted from what I’m doing. Any user looking for a quick way to boost mood should really enjoy this pen. I find it’s also great for wake-n-bake sessions, to get me motivated to start the day in a positive mood.

I had a great time trying this product, from my experience at the dispensary to the positive effects I felt when I used this at home. I would definitely buy this pen when it shows up in the store again, and would encourage anyone looking for a quality vape to check this out, as well as other products from the PTS brand.

Address: 1308 W. North Ave., Chicago, IL 60642
Phone number: (773) 687-8480
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11am-6pm
Recreational Users Check Website for Open Days/Times

NuMed has completed rebranding to NuEra, but other than logos, things are the same – good customer service and an efficient online ordering system. I like NuEra because it’s a super convenient dispensary, rec users must pre-order before coming to the store. This makes the purchasing process when you get to the shop much easier and faster, allowing everyone to comply with social distancing guidelines. The shop really goes to great lengths to ensure every surface is sanitized; there’s even a dedicated worker going around sanitizing each surface.

1308 West North Avenue, Fresno, California

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